Xbox has officially revealed what Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Multiplayer will look like, and we’ve got a summary to help you catch up on what you’ve missed.

It’s looking like Call of Duty’s traditional Multiplayer mode is bigger and better than ever in Black Ops 6.

Treyarch has been working hard to deliver the series’ best online experience yet, bringing back fan-favorite features and introducing never-seen-before mechanics.

COD NEXT: The Full Multiplayer Reveal Event

In Call of Duty NEXT, Treyarch will reveal an in-depth look at Black Ops 6 Multiplayer for the first time.

This annual event is a great way to get an idea of how a new title’s Multiplayer will play, and we’re likely to get a look at whatever Black Ops 6’s take on Warzone has to offer too!

Adler in Black Ops 6 Multiplayer

Your favorite Call of Duty streamers will be going head to head in Black Ops 6 at COD NEXT on August 28, 2024. Then, we’re likely to be able to jump into the game’s Open Beta very shortly afterward!

But ahead of the worldwide Multiplayer reveal, here’s everything you need to know about Black Ops 6’s online mode:


Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will feature 16 brand-new Multiplayer maps at launch, twice as many as Treyarch’s previous title, Black Ops Cold War.

Twelve of these are Core 6v6 maps, and four will be new ‘Strike Maps,’ arenas built for both 2v2 or 6v6 modes.

Black Ops 6 Three Maps

We’ve got a look at many of Black Ops 6’s launch maps, and from what we can tell, they look like excellent additions to the Call of Duty map roster.

What’s more, Treyarch teases that each map will have its own backstory, given that Black Ops 6 Multiplayer is set after the events of the Campaign.

And long-time fans of the Black Ops series will be happy to hear that Nuketown is once again set to feature in the upcoming title.


Perhaps the biggest innovation in recent Call of Duty history is Omnimovement, a new mechanic that will change the way Multiplayer is played forever.

With Omnimovement, Black Ops 6 players will be able to sprint, slide, and even dive in any direction. For the first time ever, players can move quickly without turning their head and even launch themselves into a dive mid-gunfight.

Diving in Omnidirectional Movement Black Ops 6

As Treyarch puts it:

“Long-established FPS constructs have been removed, allowing you to maneuver much more realistically, and unlocking a level of fluidity and fun that has never been reached before in a Black Ops game.”

Laying prone has also been enhanced, allowing players to rotate a full 360 degrees both in the air and on the ground.

Omnimovement Laying Prone Black Ops 6

Not only does this new mechanic tie-in to Black Ops 6’s action movie feel, it’s going to offer a whole new level of complexity in combat.

Human Shield

Activision didn’t dive deep into this mechanic, but fans who were paying attention during the Black Ops 6 Direct may have noticed a very interesting hidden feature.

It appears that Black Ops 6 will allow users to take other players captive as a human shield in online Multiplayer. While previously this feature has been available in Campaign modes, this certainly looks like Multiplayer to us.

Taking a Human Shield in Black Ops 6

To pull this off, you’ll likely have to get within melee finisher range before pressing the correct button to hold another player hostage. This appears to allow you to continue shooting at the enemy team while your human shield takes a few bullets for you.

Be wary, though: we don’t think their teammate being held as a shield is going to stop most COD players from just opening fire!


Classic Prestige is back in Black Ops 6, something that’s sure to make fans of classic COD titles very happy.

Players who reach the maximum player level of 55 will have the option to enter Prestige, restarting you back to level 1 and re-locking all your weapons and equipment.

Prestige Master in Black ops 6 Multiplayer

This optional feature will allow fans to show off their prowess, while allowing them to continue to unlock gear, long after they’d usually have completed everything the game has to offer.

What’s more, after hitting Prestige 10, you’ll then graduate to Prestige Master, with 1000 additional levels to discover right from launch. You’ll never be slowed down by seasonal level caps again!

What’s more, there’s a classified reward waiting for those dedicated enough to complete the Prestige system entirely – something that only a minuscule percentage of the player base will ever accomplish.


Your Heads Up Display (HUD) is the cornerstone of your Call of Duty experience, which is why the HUD can make or break a game for many players.

Now, Treyarch is offering players Call of Duty’s first truly customizable HUD, allowing them to clutter their screens with as much (or as little) information as they desire.

HUD Customization in Black Ops 6

Those who love Hardcore mode may want to remove all HUD elements. Other players may find it easier to move the minimap to a new location, allowing them to take their eyes off the corner of the screen.

It’s down to you how you want to play, and how you want your game to look is just as important to Treyarch.

Lobby Improvements

Tired of COD HQ’s lagging menus and confusing UI? It sounds like Treyarch is well aware of the application’s shortcomings.

“Optimizations also extend to the Lobby,” the developer reports in the Black Ops 6 reveal blog. “Accessing the Lobby will become more straightforward, and the time it takes to go from hitting the Lobby to a match will be shortened.”

It seems that those who were hoping for a full lobby shake-up in Black Ops 6 will see their wish granted.

That’s everything we know about the Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer offering for now. To see clips of the game in action, you can check out the full Black Ops 6 Direct below:

We’re sure Treyarch will share more details on the upcoming game very soon.

Otherwise, it’ll be a long wait for more information but we’ll definitely see more during COD Next on August 28, 2024.

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