Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 has revealed what maps will be available on launch day, and there are plenty of great 6v6 arenas to explore!

When thinking back on Call of Duty titles from previous series, one thing that immediately comes to mind is the Multiplayer maps we spent hours battling it out on.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a COD game lives or dies based on its map roster – and Black Ops 6 is shaping up to have a great one!

How Many Maps Will Black Ops 6 Have?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will have 16 maps available on release day.

Twelve of these will be Core 6v6 maps, and four will be new ‘Strike Maps’ that are perfect for both 2v2 or 6v6 modes.

These new map types are smaller, more compact, and offer chaotic close-quarter combat.

Standing on Derailed Train in Black Ops 6 Multiplayer

Treyarch also revealed that Multiplayer takes place after the events of the Black Ops 6 Campaign, and that each map comes with its own backstory.

We don’t have a full list of maps coming to Black Ops 6 at launch just yet, but we did get a look at many of the upcoming arenas in the recent Direct.

Next, we’ll take a closer look at each map coming to Black Ops 6.

All Maps So Far

Here’s our breakdown of all the Black Ops 6 Multiplayer maps fans could see in the game’s recent Direct.

Bear in mind that we don’t have official map names at this point in time, and it’s possible that some of these images could be taken from the same maps in different locations:

Overgrown Railway Line

One map showcases an abandoned train line, which has since become overgrown with fauna.

Black Ops 6 Overgrown Train Map

The train cars, some of which have derailed, provide ample cover in an otherwise outdoor nature-filled arena.

Outdoor Railway Map Black Ops 6

Underground Mine

Expect close-quarters combat in this underground mine environment.

Black Ops 6 underground Mine Map

It’s possible that the train tracks we see in these images are connected to the overgrown tracks above, however this mine looks far less abandoned.

Minecart in Black Ops 6

Therefore, we expect that it is far more likely to be its own map.

Luxury Mansion

We only got one look at this luxurious mansion map, but it’s already looking stunning.

Black Ops 6 Mansion Map With Pool

Complete with a swimming pool overlooking a beautiful sunset, players can stop to drink in the beauty – but only if they’re happy to take a bullet in the back!

Black Ops 6 Multiplayer Sliding and Diving

Liberty Plaza

In the Black Ops Direct, we got multiple shots of a shopping mall that appears to be called Liberty Plaza.

Liberty Plaza in Black Ops 6

Here, Black Ops 6 players will battle it out in and around a variety of different stores as they aim to lock down key positions throughout the shopping complex.

Black Ops 6 Soldiers Fighting in Liberty Plaza

Radar Dish

One particularly eye-catching map that was revealed is this broken-down radar dish.

Giant Radar Dish Map Black Ops 6

The dish itself is in a clear state of disrepair, lying in the center of a desert environment.

Some construction materials and a suspicious black spillage nearby suggest that this could also be the site of an oil rig.

Radar Dish in Desert Map Black Ops 6


Eagle-eyed fans might have spotted this map as Treyarch confirmed the presence of Theatre mode in Black Ops 6.

It appears to feature an outdoor market setting in a map very reminiscent of Modern Warfare 2 (2022)’s Mercado Las Almas.

Market in Black Ops 6 Map

Where’s Nuketown?

Although Nuketown wasn’t shown off in the Black Ops 6 Direct, we’re certain the fan-favorite map will be coming either on release day or not long after launch.

This is because we managed to spot the map appearing in the matchmaking screen when one of the Treyarch developers revealed the Multiplayer lobby.

Nuketown Spotted in Black Ops 6 Multiplayer Stream

It’s no surprise that Nuketown is on its way. After all, Treyarch has added a new Nuketown variant to every Black Ops game so far, making it a staple of the series.

The map, which emphasizes extremely close-quarters combat, is one of the most iconic maps in Call of Duty history, and it’d be a shame to see a Treyarch release without it.

In the case of Black Ops Cold War, the most recent Treyarch title, Nuketown arrived in a post-launch update on November 24, 2020, eleven days after the release of the game.

Perhaps the developer will do something similar this time too. If that’s the case, we may not be waiting long before jumping into the nostalgic map.

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