X (formerly Twitter) has now added a Black Ops 6 emoji to Call of Duty-related hashtags ahead of this week’s reveal!

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2024, but it hasn’t even been fully revealed yet! So far, all we have gotten is a few teasers ahead of the upcoming Black Ops 6 presentation.

It started with some teasers featuring the phrase ‘The Truth Lies’, and then a live-action trailer gave players a hint at what the storyline would be.

Next, Black Ops 6 challenges in Warzone, in addition to a new Warzone intro with Frank Woods, started to build up the hype. Plus, the reveal that the CIA is hunting down Russell Adler is yet another reason why fans are excited!

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Direct Art

Now that the hype has really started to build up, there’s an extra incentive to post about Black Ops 6 on social media. X (formerly Twitter) has added a Black Ops 6 emoji to four different hashtags.

Black Ops 6 Now Has An Emojis on X Hashtags

X (formerly Twitter) users can get a Black Ops 6 emoji in their posts by using one of the following hashtags:

  • #BlackOps6
  • #BlackOps
  • #CallofDuty
  • #BO6
Black Ops 6 Emoji Hashtags Twitter

It’s not known how long you’ll be able to use this emoji, but we expect it’ll be around for a while.

It will almost certainly still be active in the days following the Black Ops 6 Direct presentation on June 9, so players are more excited to share their thoughts on the game following its reveal.

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