Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 marketing has begun, with four new challenges arriving inside Warzone, giving players a chance to unlock some themed goodies.

If you’re excited about Treyarch’s new Call of Duty title, you’ll want to pop into Warzone this week.

Not only has Black Ops 6 taken over COD HQ, replacing the menu screen with a teaser of things to come, but Warzone is also getting in on the action.

Right now, four new Black Ops 6-themed challenges have appeared in-game, and players can unlock exclusive rewards for completing each one.

How to Complete All Black Ops 6 Challenges & Rewards

Here are the four Black Ops 6 challenges currently available in Call of Duty Warzone, and the rewards you get for finishing them:

ChallengeHow to CompleteReward
In Warzone, get 1 kill with an Old FriendFind the Sally pistol as ground loot in Urzikstan and defeat an enemy with itSally (9mm Daemon Weapon Blueprint)
Discovered Intel to uncovering the moleEnter the Submarine in Rebirth Island and interact with the evidence board. The submarine only spawns every few games and only one team can claim the photo per match.The Truth Lies (Calling Card)
She Never Let Me DownEnter Bunker 7 to the North of Old Town (Code 72559) and interact with the computer insidePurge Sequence (Calling Card)
Gained The Exclusive ExecutionComplete All Tasks Above You Can’t Kill Me (Finishing Move)

Each of the four tasks has a special Black Ops-themed reward to grant upon its completion.

Once all challenges are complete, players will unlock the “You Can’t Kill Me” Finishing Move, which is the ultimate tribute to Black Ops.

Here’s what the Finishing Move looks like when you unlock it from the challenges above:

As you can see, the Operator squats down into the same pose as the man in the Black Ops 6 key art, which in itself is a reference to the original Black Ops cover.

This marketing stunt is a great way to get fans excited for a new Call of Duty title, especially one that has still not been revealed.

But the official Black Ops 6 Direct on June 9 will no doubt contain our first official look at the upcoming title, so don’t miss out!

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