Not all Black Ops games have had a single-player Campaign for fans to enjoy, but will Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 come with a story mode?

Activision is back with another Call of Duty release in 2024, and this time the franchise is back in the hands of Treyarch.

Although there’s some debate as to which COD studio does the series best, Treyarch has always been a fan-favorite, though not every release has been a hit.

For example, many fans found Black Ops 4 to be a disappointment, in part because it completely lacked a story mode.

Will Black Ops 6 Have a Campaign?

Yes, Black Ops 6 looks set to have a campaign for fans of single-player content to enjoy.

Although Black Ops 4 was lacking a story mode, every mainline Call of Duty title since has opted to add a Campaign. This is likely due to the negative reception surrounding Black Ops 4.

Even Modern Warfare 3 (2023), a game that reports indicate initially started as a DLC for MW2, came with its own Campaign.

COD Black Ops 6 Man Covering Eyes Key Art

However, not only was the most recent story mode painfully short, at just 3-4 hours in length, but it also featured the addition of new Open Combat Missions, which likely took far less development time than tight, scripted story content.

Early reports indicate that Black Ops 6 will also be leaning into these open world missions, though fans should expect linear missions to appear too.


According to leaks from last year, Black Ops 6 will be centered around the Gulf War, which means we’re expecting to see the game set between 1990-1991.

This would place the game roughly a decade on from the events of Black Ops Cold War.

Russell Adler in Black Ops Cold War

However, some fans speculate that there may be a second timeline to experience during the game’s story, set in the early 2000s.

This would be similar to Black Ops 2, which saw players jumping between the late 1980s and 2025.


Although no plot details have been revealed as of yet, Activision’s mysterious ‘The Truth Lies’ campaign is already setting the stage for Black Ops 6’s story.

In a series of brief teasers and marketing stunts, the publisher shows a group of activists informing the public that they have been lied to by their government.

Saddam Hussein in Call of Duty Black Ops 6
Saddam Hussein in ‘The Truth Lies’ Live-Action Trailer

Real-world politicians such as Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher appear, stating that the public wanted peace, and so they hid the war from view.

“You wanted peace, so we hid the war. And now it rages on in the shadows.”

Given the game’s apparent setting, and the fact that Saddam Hussein appears in Black Ops 6’s live-action trailer, we’re inclined to believe that the conflict in question is the Gulf War.

However, it could be that the game will focus on a more modern war as well.

Returning Characters

Although Black Ops 6 is sure to introduce some brand-new faces, some returning characters will also appear in the game’s Campaign.

Frank Woods

First, it appears that pre-ordering Black Ops 6 will unlock not one but three different Operator skins for Frank Woods.

A recent teaser that appears in Warzone reveals that Woods is back in his wheelchair, which appears to confirm that the game does in fact take place after Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 6 Teaser With Frank Woods in a Wheelchair

Those who played Black Ops 2 will remember that Woods loses the use of his legs in 1989, which means he’s not likely to be a major part of the game’s story.

However, the pre-order skins for the fan-favorite Operator appear young enough, given that he should be approximately 60 years old by 1990.

Black Ops 6 Frank Woods Pre-Order Bonus Skins
Black Ops 6 Frank Woods Pre-Order Bonus Skins

It’s possible that the Black Ops 6 story will feature a prologue set in the past, in which case young Woods could make an appearance.

But it’s perhaps more likely that these Multiplayer skins are simply nostalgia for longterm fans of the series.

Russell Adler

Another character that will be returning is Black Ops Cold War’s Russell Adler.

The CIA agent quickly became a favorite after his introduction in Treyarch’s latest release, and fans will be happy to see him return.

Activision already leaked our first look at Adler in Black Ops 6, and we’re excited to see more in the game’s reveal trailer.

Black Ops 6 Russell Adler

From what early teasers appear to hint at, Adler has been forced to go rogue, becoming a mole inside the CIA. But we’ll have to wait to hear exactly what’s going on with the fan-favorite character.

Don’t miss out on watching the Black Ops 6 Direct for all the latest story details! By the end of next week, we’ll know a lot more about the game’s Campaign, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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