Call of Duty HQ is already displaying a teaser of the Black Ops 6 main menu, before the game is even officially unveiled!

For those unaware, Call of Duty HQ is the name given to Activision’s new launcher for its popular shooter franchise.

Whether you’re attempting to boot up MW2, MW3, or even Call of Duty Warzone, you’ll first arrive in COD HQ before selecting your preferred title.

It’s a controversial new feature that only applies to recent generations of Call of Duty. But before Black Ops 6 even officially arrives in COD HQ, it’s already taking over the menus.

Why Has the COD HQ Menu Changed?

When booting up Call of Duty HQ, players will now encounter a teaser of the Black Ops 6 main menu, displaying a mysterious figure holding a pistol in each hand.

“Don’t miss the reveal of Black Ops 6 on June 9 @ 10 AM PT,” a message on the intro screen reads.

Although the identity of this mystery figure has yet to be revealed, it’s possible that they’re simply a reference to the iconic ‘Black Ops guy’ who appears in previous key art.

For reference, here’s the original Call of Duty Black Ops key art, which Black Ops 6 appears to be paying homage to:

Black Ops 1 Key Art

We’re expecting more from the upcoming reveal than just a teaser trailer.

Microsoft is featuring a full Black Ops 6 Direct after the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.

It’s likely that Call of Duty HQ will continue to display this Black Ops 6 teaser on the main menu until the official reveal takes place.

After which, fans should expect the majority of Activision’s focus to be on the upcoming game, particularly as pre-orders are expected to go live following the showcase.

In the meantime, don’t miss checking out the incredibly popular first trailer for Black Ops 6 here.

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