Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be going live with its Open Beta later this year, but there are ways to get an access key and jump in early!

If you can’t wait to see what Treyarch has in store for us with Black Ops 6, you’re not alone.

Thousands of eager fans are awaiting more news about the game’s upcoming Beta, which will be the first time we get our hands on the game prior to its official launch.

Although the Open Beta will be free for all to enjoy, Activision is offering early access to users on all platforms. And if you’re eager to try out Black Ops 6’s new Omnimovement system, here’s how to hop in early!

Method 1: Game Pass (Xbox or PC)

The easiest way to get a Beta key and receive early access to the Black Ops 6 Beta is to be a Game Pass subscriber.

Any user who is a Game Pass Console, PC, or Ultimate subscriber will automatically receive early access to the Black Ops 6 Beta when it goes live.

Xbox Logo Adler in Elevator Shaft Black Ops 6

Of course, this is only possible for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, or PC players, who can access Game Pass on their systems.

However, you don’t even have to buy an expensive membership to get Beta access—Xbox is currently offering a two-week trial of Game Pass Ultimate for just $1!

That means you can access the Beta for next to nothing, no pre-order required. However, you might want to think about saving that $1 membership for when the full game releases, allowing you to play all of Black Ops 6’s launch content for a single dollar.

We’ve got a full breakdown of which Game Pass tiers include Black Ops 6, after Xbox just made major changes to its service in July 2024!

Method 2: Pre-Order Trick (All Platforms)

Alternatively, participating retailers will also distribute Black Ops 6 early access Beta keys when a user pre-orders the game.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy Black Ops 6! Instead, users can purchase the game on Amazon to instantly receive their Beta code, and then cancel their pre-order immediately afterward.

Black Ops 6 Amazon Listing

Note: Beta codes will not be sent out until late August 2024, closer to the launch of the early access period.

Amazon, like many retailers, won’t actually take the pre-order money from your account until the game is ready to ship. Therefore, purchasing Black Ops 6 through that platform will allow you to get your hands on a Beta code, free of charge.

For those wondering, the Black Ops 6 Beta is kicking off on August 30, 2024, with the Open Beta available for all players on September 6.

This is a tried-and-tested method that we’ve personally used to gain Beta access in previous years, so we have every expectation that it’ll work again with Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

And if you’re on a platform that doesn’t support Game Pass, it’s definitely the best way to get to try Black Ops 6 early!

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