A new Warzone 2 bug is giving players the jailer’s minigun weapon, making it easier to win their gulag.

This glitch will occur if the previous Gulag competitors kill the jailer. This leaves his minigun in the spot where the jailer died.

This bug was posted by Reddit user MRichards18, showcasing a clip from their friend. The player picks up the large ammo-capacity weapon from the dead jailer’s body after spawning in the Gulag.

If you are lucky enough to witness a jailer being killed, you will easily win your gulag by picking up this minigun. Although, if you are on the other end of the bug, you will have a limited chance of redeploying back into the game.

However, in the clip, the player decided not to kill the other opponent. Instead, they opted to use the weapon to release all four players by killing the jailer.

Also, due to the Gulag mechanics, this player returned back to the Warzone 2 map with the minigun!

Of course, with the upcoming changes to the Gulag, this bug won’t be in the game long. This is due to Raven Software removing the Gulag juggernaut.

A couple of Reddit commenters found this glitch quite amusing and believe the idea of having a chance to get a minigun is a great addition.

If they were keeping the 2v2, this would actually be a good incentive to beat the jailer.


However, if you didn’t know already, there is another method to obtain this weapon within the game. If you complete a Black Site, the juggernaut that spawns will drop the minigun.

Killing the Black Site juggernaut can be extremely tough so you will need one of the best loadouts to do so.

Warzone 2 streamer Symfuhny completes this challenge multiple times a day on stream using his meta loadouts!

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