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The Biggest Problem With Warzone’s New Verdansk ’84 Map

The new Verdansk ’84 Warzone map has one huge problem, which is really beginning to annoy players.

Warzone players have been very patient when waiting for the new map to finally arrive. And while some players have their complaints, most of the feedback on the map has been very positive.

However, one map change that was added as part of the huge Season 3 update has some players annoyed already.

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Lighting & Visibility Issues in Verdansk ’84 Warzone Map

Warzone players have been busy exploring all the new locations Verdansk has to offer:

However, the new map isn’t perfect. Some players have already found a game-breaking wall glitch in Verdansk ’84, but that isn’t even the worst issue with the amp.

The biggest problem the new Warzone map has to do with the strange lighting and visibility. A new screenshot posted on the Warzone subreddit shows the problem perfectly.

One players asked: “anyone else feel like parts of the map is just too bright and too dark? I can hardly spot enemies with this filter they have put in”. This was accompanied ith a screenshot, showing these lighting problems.

The screenshots show a stark difference between the modern-day Verdansk from Warzone’s launch up to the end of Season 2 and the new Verdansk ’84 map of Season 3.

Warzone Verdansk '84 New Map Stadium POI

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With the sun low in Verdansk ’84’s sky, this makes for some very bright spots on the map as well as hazy horizons. Whereas, the previous map had none of this, making sight lines clearer.

Whether this was an intentional design choice from Raven Software or just an unintentional consequence of the lighting changes for this season is not known. However, many Warzone players would like Raven to tone down the brightness of the sky a bit.

However, Warzone players on PC can fix this by using the best NVIDIA filters for Warzone Season 3. This will sort out any problems you might have with the new lighting.

Meanwhile, it looks like Warzone Season 3 will have fewer cheaters than ever before. Activision is “investing more resources” in Warzone anti-cheat.

Also, if you’re dropping into Verdansk ’84, make sure you’re using one of the best Warzone Season loadouts.

Finally, there might not even be a Call of Duty game coming out this year! Has COD WW2: Vanguard been delayed?

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