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Big PS5 Stock Drop At Target Coming THIS MORNING – March 25

According to a well-known stock leaker, a big drop of PS5 consoles is coming to Target this morning.

PS5 stock has been a nightmare for consumers. Players have been desperate to get their hands on the new PlayStation consoles but to no avail.

It's a problem that's plagued the entire next generation of console gaming, and fans are desperate for the model to change.

PS5 Stock at Target Today
PlayStation 5

In fact, in order to remedy this problem, Sony is taking up a new strategy. PlayStation is directly inviting people to buy consoles, in a bid to stop the scalpers.

The lack of stock and the "drop" business structure makes grabbing a console a total nightmare.

However, despite this, the PlayStation 5 has already become the fastest-selling console in US history. Not bad for a console with severely limited stock.

But these stock problems could soon be coming to an end. And it could end with a drop that's coming to the United States this very morning.

Target PS5 Stock Drop - March 25

This morning, as confirmed by notorious leakers Jake Randall, will see a big drop of PS5 consoles for the American retailer Target.

He states in a tweet that this information is according to his contacts. We know these contacts to be reliable, as they helped him to predict a huge Amazon stock drop recently.

PS5 Stock at Target Today
PlayStation Fans

Supposedly, Target never reveals the exact time, but it's typically between 6:30 and 9am EST.

However, Randall expects the stock to start dropping around 7:45, as this is when he has chosen to begin streaming the process of buying a console on his YouTube channel. He can't be 100% sure of the time of the Target PS5 stock drop, but he seems confident.

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