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Bethesda Games Confirmed To Come To Game Pass This Week

After the historic Microsoft and Bethesda merger, an Xbox staff member has confirmed that some Bethesda titles will come to Game Pass this week.

Bethesda and Microsoft have been very busy these last few weeks. The announcement of Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda shocked the gaming world and has spurred a lot of questions regarding the future of the company's game developers.

Fans have wondered what this merger will do to series like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and if they'll be relegated to Xbox exclusive titles.

Bethesda Titles Confirmed for Game Pass This Week
Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

And now, as the merger has finally been legally processed in a $7.5 billion deal, the transition is complete. And the future of the company has been the item of speculation more than ever before.

Primarily, fans have wondered how many Bethesda titles we're likely to see on the Xbox Game Pass. The exclusivity of Bethesda games on Xbox has been confirmed along with some big Game Pass inclusions to come- but when will they arrive?

Well, it doesn't look like we'll have to wait much longer to find out.

Xbox Staff Confirms Bethesda on Game Pass This Week

In a seemingly off-the-cuff tweet, a member of the Xbox team has shared their welcome to Bethesda, along with a message that has excited fans.

Aaron Greenberg, a member of the Xbox Games Marketing team, has shared his warm welcome to Bethesda on Twitter.

He says, linking to Xbox's official welcome to the games company;

Welcome Bethesda! We now have one of the largest, most creative, and quality first party studio line-ups ever. Great day to be an @Xbox fan. To celebrate, we're bringing more @Bethesda games into Game Pass later this week. Stay tuned!

Aaron Greenberg on Twitter

UPDATE: These two Bethesda titles have been leaked to release this week on the Microsoft Store!

It's a sweet welcome to Bethesda, but also an incredibly exciting notion for Game Pass subscribers. Now, the question remains; what games could be on their way to the pass?

Bethesda Titles Confirmed for Game Pass This Week
Bethesda's Doom Eternal

Only time will tell, but we're incredibly excited to see what Xbox has to offer us. It's not the only good Game Pass news we've had recently; the latest game drop for the Game Pass is incredibly exciting.

Plus, it looks like the huge Ubisoft+ lineup could be coming to Xbox Game Pass this year.

We might even get to see Xbox's future plans for Bethesda soon, too. Rumors suggest that Microsoft will hold a big Bethesda broadcast this week.

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