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Closed Beta Is for New Resident Evil Multiplayer Game

Capcom is inviting their Ambassadors to test a new Resident Evil game. Now we know more details about this multiplayer game.

Yesterday we reported that Capcom is inviting members of their Resident Evil Ambassador program to test an unknown title.

The new Resident Evil game in question has not yet been announced by Capcom. This led to speculation about which one it could be.

As Resident Evil Village became official last year, we knew it couldn’t be that. So we turned our attention to the other Resi games which are said to be in development.

These are the rumored remake of Resident Evil 4 and a game for the Nintendo Switch, which is said to be called Resident Evil Outrage. The latter essentially being RE: Revelations 3, with the official title being unknown.

We suspected Outrage might be the title that Capcom is testing, but now new details have emerged suggesting otherwise. However, Resident Evil Outrage has been the subject of various leaks.

The New Resident Evil Game Will Be Multiplayer

Instead, the new Resident Evil game is a multiplayer title. The Ambassadors will be taking part in a closed beta to test the game and provide their feedback.

It now appears that Capcom has four RE games in development; Resident Evil Village, Outrage, RE4 remake, and this new multiplayer game.

However, Capcom are yet to formally reveal three of these titles. The new multiplayer game will reportedly be a PlayStation and Xbox title, instead of appearing on the Switch like RE Outrage.

The Resident Evil Ambassador program is for dedicated fans who want to take an active role in developing the series. However, they are under strict instructions to stay silent about what they see and test until Capcom says otherwise.

This new Resident Evil multiplayer game will apparently bear a resemblance to Resident Evil Resistance. A multiplayer game that was bundled with the RE3 remake last year.

It will also be part of Resident Evil’s 25th Anniversary celebrations. Chances are we will learn more about this new multiplayer game next week.

As of the 21st of January 2021, Capcom will host a special showcase event for Resident Evil Village. They have also promised to share more Resident Evil news too.

In the meantime, here’s everything we know about Resident Evil Village so far.

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