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Best Zabu Marvel Snap Deck & Counter

Zabu was introduced with Marvel Snap Savage Land and quickly made his way into the meta with its prolific 4-cost-filled deck.

Here is the list of cards you should have in your deck to dominate the meta with Zabu in Marvel Snap:

Card DesignCardCostPowerAbility
ZeroZero13On Reveal: Remove the abilities on the next card you play.
ArmorArmor23Ongoing: Cards at this location can’t be destroyed.
ZabuZabu32Ongoing: Your 4-Cost cards cost 2 less. (minimum 1)
JubileeJubilee41On Reveal: Play a card from your deck at this location.
DraxDrax44On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +4 Power.
EnchantressEnchantress44On Reveal: Remove the abilities from all Ongoing cards at this location.
AttumaAttuma410If you have another card here at the end of your turn, destroy this.
MaryTyphoid Mary410Ongoing: Your other cards have -1 Power.
CrossbonesCrossbones48You can only play this at locations where you are winning.
WarpathWarpath45Ongoing: If any of your locations are empty, +4 Power.
Omega RedOmega Red45Ongoing: If you’re ahead by 10 Power here, +4 Power to other locations.
Red SkullRed Skull515Ongoing: Enemy cards at this location have +2 Power.

This deck is meant to gain momentum for a game-changing Turn 4-6 slowly. The biggest factor is being able to pull Zabu by Turn 4. This guarantees that you can play multiple four-cost cards to end the game.

Zabu is the new card in the Savage Land Season Pass. Only players purchasing the Season Pass for $9.99 can access it and its variant.

When using Red Skull, you want to negate its ability with either Enchantress or Zero.

This deck has a few abilities that could negatively impact your play, so using Enchantress and Zero to counter them can benefit your deck and bring out the best of its abilities.

Be careful not to group up Zabu with them, or Enchantress could stop its ability before Turn 6.

This Zabu deck is great and one of the more fun options. Once Marvel Snap Battle Mode arrives and lets you play against a friend, then it’ll be one you should try using to surprise them.

Best Zabu Beginner Deck: Pool 1 Cards Only

Here is the best Zabu beginner deck you can build using only cards available in Pool 1. Players can build this deck with cards they get through Collection Levels 1-214.

Card DesignCardCostPowerAbility
KorgKorg12On Reveal: Shuffle a Rock into your opponent’s deck.
Ant ManAnt Man12Ongoing: If you have 3 other cards here, +3 Power.
NightcrawlerNightcrawler12You can move this once.
YonduYondu12On Reveal: Remove the top card of your opponent’s deck.
AngelaAngela20When you play a card here, +2 Power.
ZabuZabu32Ongoing: Your 4-Cost cards cost 2 less. (minimum 1)
Moon GirlMoon Girl44On Reveal: Duplicate your hand.
Ka-ZarKa-Zar44Ongoing: Your 1-Cost cards have +1 Power.
White QueenWhite Queen46On Reveal: Draw a copy of the highest Cost card in your opponent’s hand.
Jessica JonesJessica Jones44On Reveal: If you don’t play a card here next turn, +4 Power.
Devil DinosaurDevil Dinosaur53Ongoing: +2 Power for each card in your hand.
America ChavezAmerica Chavez69You always draw this card on turn 6, and not before.

This is the best Zabu Beginner Deck because it gives you two different avenues to win and helps you disrupt your opponent in the first few turns.

Ideally, you’d want to have Zabu in play by turn 3 or 4. This allows you to build strong combinations for Turns 5 and 6 with all your four-cost cards.

If you haven’t pulled Zabu by turn 4, you can try using Jubilee to bring him out or get you closer for a big Turn 6.

If Zabu doesn’t appear, you can still have a strong play using Moon Girl alongside Devil Dinosaur.

Since this deck will have you playing plenty of cards, its always great to have Angela to build up power.

How to Counter Zabu Deck in Marvel Snap

The best way to counter Zabu is by stopping his ability using Enchantress or completely nullifying its advantage with Magneto, Rogue, and Sandman.

With Enchantress, your opponent will still have a decent turn four, but you can stop any big Turn 6 they had planned.

Using Sandman might be the most effective since most Zabu decks are meant to be played together. Limiting your opponent to one card per turn can severely change the effectiveness of their deck.

Since many decks feature four-cost cards, using Rogue can also be helpful since it’ll allow you to steal Zabu’s ability.

Magneto is useful but can be situational. It depends on which cards your opponent has played and if you think you can beat them with Magneto.

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