The XRK Stalker is the best sniper rifle for Vondel and Fortune’s Keep loadouts in Warzone, but you’ll want to know the meta attachments for it!

The Warzone Season 2 update included a massive buff for the XRK Stalker, which means it can now kill with one headshot within its first damage range. This makes it perfect for the smaller Warzone maps, as it has much better mobility than the other one-shot snipers in the game.

The best loadout for the XRK Stalker in Warzone is:

  • Muzzle: Sonic Suppressor XL
  • Barrel: Fission 60 Barrel
  • Laser: SL Razorhawk Laser Light
  • Bolt: XRK Stalker Light Bolt
  • Ammunition: .50 Cal High Grain Rounds

This build greatly increases the range of the XRK Stalker, allowing you to down enemies with just one headshot at distances up to 71.2m!

Additionally, this build has improved bullet velocity and fire rate compared to the base XRK Stalker.

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Best XRK Stalker Loadout in Warzone

Meta XRK Stalker Attachments

Sonic Suppressor XL
• Undetectable by Radar ↑↑
• Bullet Velocity ↑↑
• Range ↑↑
• Sprint to Fire Speed ↓
• Aim Walking Steadiness ↓
• Recoil Control ↓
Fission 60 Barrel
• Bullet Velocity ↑↑↑
• Range ↑↑↑
• Aiming Idle Sway ↑↑
• Firing Aim Stability ↑
• Hipfire Spread ↓↓
• ADS Speed ↓↓
• Sprint to Fire Speed ↓
• Aim Walking Speed↓
SL Razorhawk
Laser Light
• Aim Walking Steadiness ↑↑↑
• Tac Stance Spread ↑↑↑
• Sprint to Fire Speed ↑↑
• ADS Speed ↑↑
• Flashlight visible to enemies ↓
• Laser visible to enemies ↓
XRK Stalker Light Bolt
• Rechambering Speed ↑• Rechambering Accuracy ↓
.50 Cal High Grain
• Bullet Velocity ↑↑
• Damage Range ↑
• Recoil Control ↓↓

To maximize the bullet velocity, you’ll definitely want to use the Sonic Suppressor XL, the Fission 60 Barrel, and the .50 Cal High Grain Rounds.

Then, we have opted for the SL Razorhawk Laser Light and the XRK Stalker Light Bolt to speed up the XRK Stalker’s ADS time and fire rate.

XRK Stalker Close Up Warzone

Best Secondary Weapon for XRK Stalker Loadout

Alongside this XRK Stalker loadout, you’ll want to use one of the best sniper support guns in Warzone. Our favorites are:

Best Perks & Equipment for XRK Stalker Loadout

Perk 1Focus
Perk 2Battle Hardened
Perk 3Tempered
Perk 4High Alert
TacticalSmoke Grenade
LethalDrill Charge

Best XRK Stalker Alternatives

Instead of the XRK Stalker, you could use any of the top 3 best one-shot sniper rifles in Warzone. They are:

  • FJX Imperium
  • MCPR-300
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