The best new way to rack up XP and farm camos has been discovered in MW3 Zombies, and it’s incredibly quick and easy to pull off.

If you’re tired of the grind in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, there are ways to alleviate your burden significantly. In the past, we’ve seen players attempting God Mode glitches, farming exfil sites, and more, all in an attempt to speed up their zombie-slaying.

But now, the very best method to help you grind both XP and weapon camos is here.

How to Farm XP & Weapon Camos

The Setup:

First things first, you’ll need to prepare a few things:

Be sure to have the weapons you want to farm XP and camos for in your inventory.

This farming method takes place in the Tier 3 Zone, so you’ll also need that weapon upgraded both in rarity and Pack-a-Punched to Tier 3 to make farming easier.

Pack-a-Punch Machine in MWZ MW3 Zombies

We also recommend taking the Energy Mine Field Upgrade which will help not only with zombie kills, but also with making your escape easier.

Then, once you’ve got everything ready, it’s time to begin the new farming exploit.

The Farming Method:

Make your way to the Opal Palace in the Tier 3 Zone of MW3 Zombies.

Once there, you need to activate this specific Spore Control contract, found just outside the Opal Palace, which will spawn a series of Spores around your nearby area.

Spore Control in Opal Palace in MW3 Zombies
Credit: TAG935

If there isn’t a Spore Control available, you can accept another nearby contract and then cancel it to trigger a new contract to spawn after a short wait.

During the Spore Control event, collect the Inhibitors provided and throw them onto several of the nearby Spore ‘eggs’ to cause zombies to spawn all around you.

Spore Control Inhibitor in Tier 3 MW3 Zombies
Credit: TAG935

This will drastically increase the number of undead you can farm using the exploit below.

Excavator Location in MW3 Zombies

Then, make your way to this excavator on the southwest side of the courtyard, go prone, and crawl underneath it.

When you’re right underneath the machine, no enemies will be able to harm you! This goes for standard zombies, special undead, and even the Mega Abomination, making it easy to farm kills from a safe spot.

XP Farm in MW3 Zombies

What’s more, when Spore Control is active, countless zombies will keep charging your position, allowing you to farm both XP and weapon camos to your heart’s content.

Even when you don’t have the contract to assist you, it’s still nice to have a safe area in a Tier 3 Zone to rely on. And if you run low on ammo, simply use a Decoy Grenade or Energy Mine to clear a path to escape, before resupplying at the ammo cache right nearby.

Using this trick, you’ll be able to farm XP, weapon camos, or daily and weekly challenges with ease in MW3 Zombies!

To see the exploit in action, check out this video by Zombies expert TAG935 below:

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