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Best XM4 Loadout in Warzone Season 2 – Top Tier After Update

Find out the right attachments to make the best XM4 loadout in Warzone Season 2.

Warzone players have overlooked the XM4 so far. However, that was because the gun was broken for a long time.

When it was introduced, the gun's barrels actually decreased bullet velocity instead of increased it. Raven has only recently fixed this glitch, but the XM4 is now a top-tier option for Warzone.

Black Ops Cold War Warzone XM4

How Good is the XM4?

When using the best loadout for it, the XM4 is one of the best long-range assault rifles in Warzone. It is highly accurate at long ranges with recoil reducing attachments and has a very competitive time to kill.

Now that suppressors on Cold War guns in Warzone have finally been fixed and buffed, the XM4 can also be built to have good bullet velocity. This makes it much easier to hit shots at longer ranges.

However, it isn't the best for close-range engagements. If you want an assault rifle to use up close, unlike the XM4, then why not check out our best FFAR loadout for Warzone Season 2.

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Xm4 Black Ops Cold War Warzone

Best XM4 Attachments in Warzone - Class Guide

Using these attachments makes the best XM4 loadout for Warzone.

  • Muzzle - Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel - 13.5" Reinforced Heavy
  • Optic - Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel - Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition - STANAG 60 Rnd

This is the perfect XM4 class for long-range engagements, but you'll want to pair it with an SMG to deal damage up close too.

Find out the most overpowered MAC-10 loadout in Warzone Season 2.

You'll also want to make sure that you're using one of the best Warzone reticles to make sure that you hit all your shots.

Best XM4 Loadout Warzone Season 2

Meanwhile, players who prefer even longer range combat than the XM4 in Warzone might want to check out the best sniper loadout in Warzone Season 2.

Additionally, a dataminer has found that Zombies camos could be finally coming to Warzone soon.

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