The WSP Swarm is the best SMG for your MW3 loadout if you like to play at lightning-fast speeds. This is because it has especially rapid mobility, fire rate, and time-to-kill.

Here’s the best WSP Swarm loadout in Modern Warfare 3 so you can rush unsuspecting enemies and eliminate them before they can even react!

AttachmentHow to Unlock
WSP Infiltrator Integrated Suppressor (Barrel)WSP Swarm Level 22
MK. 3 Reflector (Optic)MTZ-556 Level 2
FSS Fortress Heavy Stock (Stock)WSP Swarm Level 3
Lockgrip Precision-40 (Underbarrel)MCW Level 6
Marauder Grip (Rear Grip)WSP-9 Level 16
Is this Loadout helpful?

This build for the WSP Swarm dramatically increases its accuracy. Additionally, it keeps you off of enemy mini-maps without sacrificing too much movement or ADS speed, helping you stay extremely mobile.

You will want to use the WSP Swarm at very close range, where it dominates thanks to its ultra-fast TTK. However, thanks to the recoil-reducing attachments, it can also be accurate enough at mid-range.

Best WSP Swarm Loadout in MW3

Best Secondary, Perks, Vest & Equipment for WSP Swarm Loadout

The WSP Swarm is perfect for a super-aggressive play style in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer, where you chase after enemies and eliminate them up close.

These are the best Secondary Weapon, Perks, Vest, and Equipment for WSP Swarm loadout in MW3:

Secondary WeaponTYR
TacticalStun Grenade
LethalThrowing Knife
Field UpgardeMed Box
VestInfantry Vest
GlovesCommando Gloves
BootsCovert Sneakers
GearBone Conduction Headset
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