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The Best & Worst New Black Ops Cold War Modes in Season 1 Reloaded

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded brings several new modes to the game; here’s the best and worst the game has to offer.

With Black Ops Cold War Season 1’s Mid-Season 1 update promising new game modes, fans were quick to hop into matchmaking once more.

But after a few hours of testing, it’s clear that some game modes are better than others in the new Cold War update.

Black Ops Cold War Best and Worst Game Modes
(Source: Activision)

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 – The Best and Worst Game Modes

With Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded now available for all players, here are the best and worst game modes you can experience.

The Best Game Mode in Cold War

According to the fans, the best new game mode in Black Ops Cold War is Dropkick.

This new experience has teams attempt to hold onto a nuclear briefcase. In the new 6v6 experience, players earn nuclear launch codes and points for holding the objective.

However, unlike traditional Call of Duty objective modes, the briefcase can be carried with you. The holder will become a mobile objective point, ticking up the score for their team.

Black Ops Cold War best game mode dropkick
(Source: Activision)

Of course, that also means that the rest of your squad must focus on protecting the VIP from incoming enemies. After all, the briefcase-holder can only use a pistol to protect themself.

Reddit user geoslyma rates the new playlist as “one of my favorite modes added to this game.” The user also shows off some exceptional gameplay from the mode, with a very dominant game of Dropkick.

The Worst Game Mode in Cold War

On the other side of things, the worst game mode in Cold War isn’t actually in standard Multiplayer. By far the most disappointing addition to Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded is its new Cranked game mode.

If you haven’t already heard, Cranked is the new Cold War Zombies mode that’s seeing a lot of criticism in the game’s community.

Cranked is very similar to a standard Zombies experience, except that things are a lot faster-paced. And it’s a good thing that they are, because you need to repeatedly kill the undead to stay alive.

Black Ops Cold War Cranked in Zombies
(Source: Activision)

If you’re unable to kill a zombie before the timer runs out, you’ll instantly explode. But sometimes, taking out an enemy isn’t that easy.

Reddit user Lunar_Melody points out that the game mode is deeply flawed.

“It’s the same story every time for me – get to dog round, run around frantically trying to find something to kill, die. Repeat. The mode is supposed to be intense and hectic yet the main problem with it is you usually die because you can’t find something to kill.”

Cranked, which the poster labels “absolute trash,” is a major disappointment for Zombies fans. Thankfully, there’s a new Black Ops Cold War Zombies map coming later this season.

Right now, it’s clear that Zombies fans are feeling a little left out. Thankfully, it’s finally 115 Day, and Treyarch promises that more Cold War Zombies features will arrive today.

This could include the new leaked Cold War Zombies perk, and it’s certain to include more details about the Fireteam Z Zombies map, set in Vietnam.

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