Choosing the right weight and height in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs is extremely important to ensure you get the best base stats on your player.

Depending on your position, the values selected for these two physical attributes will determine what stats your player will begin with. This could be to give you a higher pace to outrun the opposition or more strength to hold off the tall defenders.

Of course, there will be a different combination for each position in FC 24 Clubs. So, let’s dive into the best weight and height for each position.

Best Weight & Height for Every Position in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs

Here are the best weights and heights for every position in EA FC 24 Pro Clubs. All of these combinations have been tested and proved to have the best performance results for each position.

Note that each position’s best stats may involve utilizing a different build. For example, the best build for the CDM position is to set your Pro as RWB or LWB to give better stats.

We have added the best position to set your player for each role on the pitch.

PositionSet AsWeightHeightReasoning
GKGK119 lbs6’6″This height and weight combination will give your GK build the maximum reach while maintaining high agility to make saves.
LB/ LWB / RB / RWBLWB/RWB119 lbs5’10”Gives your Pro a good balance of pace, dribbling, and strength.
CBCB119 lbs6’4″It will give your CB build a balanced combination of both pace and physical attributes. Height means you can win headers against taller attackers.
CDMLWB/RWB119 lbs5’10”Provides your Pro with good all-round stats, including good passing and pace.
CMLW/RW121 lbs6’0″It makes your CM build more agile, quicker while maintaining decent strength.
CAMLW/RW99 lbs5’6″This combination will give your CAM better pace and dribbling stats for creating attacks.
LM/RMLM/RM121 lbs6’0″It gives this build a good balance of starting stats through pace, dribbling, and physical attributes.
LW/RWLW/RW99 lbs5’7″Provides your Pro with a good balance of pace and dribbling stats.
CF/RF/LFCF/RF/LF99 lbs5’3″Despite the low weight and height, it will give you the maximum pace for this position while providing high dribbling and physical stats.
ST (Agile)LW119 lbs5’9″Gives your player a good starting pace and dribbling base stats.
ST (Lengthy)ST169 lbs6’7″Tallest height to allow for easy-headed goals. The weight provides your ST with additional strength to budge off defenders.

How to Change Your Weight, Height & Position in Pro Clubs

To change your weight, height, and position in Pro Clubs, you can:

  • Click on the tab showcasing your stats in the “My Pro” section.
  • Select the preset you are using.
  • Navigate to “Profile” and adjust the criteria to what you want to change it to.
Profile Settings to change weight and height in Pro Clubs
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