Here are the best weapons in Starfield so you can blast your way through all of the spacers and alien creatures you’ll find across the galaxy!

You’ll be battling all kinds of enemies in Starfield, both human and alien, so you’ll need some serious firepower. However, with so many guns to choose from, it is difficult to decide which ones are the best.

The most powerful weapons for you will depend on what skills you have unlocked and improved, as different skills will boost the damage of different kinds of weapons. For instance, if you’ve improved your pistol certification skill, you’ll be better off using a pistol than a shotgun.

That’s why we’ve got the best weapons in Starfield for each weapon type, so you can find the best weapon for you:

We have included the base stats of each weapon. The in-game numbers will vary depending on your skills, how you have modified each gun, and if a weapon is an improved version (Calibrated, Refined, Advanced, or Superior).
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Best Rifles in Starfield

The best assault rifles to use in Starfield are:

  • Kodama
  • AA-99
  • Orion


Kodama Starfield

The Kodama is our favorite rifle in Starfield, thanks to its high damage, high fire rate, and versatility.

It is best used in mid-range gunfights, but can be modified to excel up close, more like an SMG, or at longer distances too. If possible, modify it to have the 66-round drum magazine – it really takes this gun to the next level!

Kodama Base Stats:

Damage18 Phys
Fire Rate170


AA-99 Rifle Starfield

The AA-99 is your best bet for a long-range assault rifle for Starfield. It has good range, damage, and accuracy and can be modified to have next to no recoil!

With the Stabilizing Muzzle and Stabilizing barrel, you’ll have a rifle with unparalleled accuracy that excels at mid-range and long-range gunfights.

AA-99 Base Stats:

Damage23 Phys
Fire Rate112


Orion Starfield

The Orion is the best laser rifle in Starfield, and should be your go-to gun if you are specializing in energy weapons.

It has great base range and accuracy but handles a little too slowly to be used at close range.

Orion Base Stats:

Damage27 Engy
Fire Rate33

Best Sniper Rifles in Starfield

The best sniper rifles in Starfield are:

  • Hard Target
  • Magsniper
  • Old Earth Hunting Rifle

Hard Target

Hard Target Sniper Rifle Starfield

The Hard Target is Starfield’s traditional ballistic sniper rifle, firing .50 cal rounds.

It is a highly accurate, reliable, long-range gun that can pick off targets from afar.

Hard Target Base Stats:

Damage158 Phys
Fire Rate25
Ammo.50 Caliber


Magsniper Starfield

The Magsniper is the highest-damage sniper rifle in Starfield, and certainly one of the best guns in the game.

Huge damage and pinpoint accuracy make this the best sniper for any Starfield player.

Magsniper Base Stats:

Damage304 Phys
Fire Rate17
Ammo6.5mm MI

Old Earth Hunting Rifle

Old World Hunting Rifle Starfield

While the Old Earth Hunting Rifle may not technically be a sniper rifle, you can use it very effectively at the same ranges as the Hard Target or Magsniper.

It is a semi-auto gun, but has a reasonable fire rate and good damage. This allows you to pick off enemies from afar with a couple of well-placed shots.

Old Earth Hunting Rifle Base Stats:

Damage41 Phys
Fire Rate40

Best Pistols in Starfield

The top three best pistols in Starfield are:

  • Va’ruun Starshard
  • Urban Eagle
  • Magshot

Va’ruun Starshard

Va'ruun Starshard Starfield

The Va’ruun Starshard is a very powerful pistol that combines physical and energy damage.

While the fire rate is slow, it certainly makes up for it with its very high damage!

Va’ruun Starshard Base Stats:

Damage26 Phys + 80 Engy
Fire Rate12
AmmoLight Fuse

Urban Eagle

Urban Eagle Starfield

The Urban Eagle is Starfield’s version of the iconic Desert Eagle – and it packs just as much of a punch.

It is an extremely powerful weapon that is very versatile, thanks to its wide array of modifications. Give the Urban Eagle a suppressor, an extended magazine, and high-powered internals, and you have a hand cannon that can win you any fight!

Urban Eagle Base Stats:

Damage53 Phys
Fire Rate25
Ammo.43 Ultramag


Magshot Starfield

The Magshot does a huge amount of damage for a pistol, letting you one-shot plenty of enemies in the game. However, it has a couple of downsides.

Unfortunately, you cannot extend the magazine beyond the default six rounds, and its fire rate is a little slow. Despite this, there are few weapons better than it when you are taking on small groups of enemies.

Magshot Base Stats:

Damage72 Phys
Fire Rate25
Ammo.43 MI

Best Heavy Weapons in Starfield

The three best heavy weapons in Starfield are:

  • Magstorm
  • Auto-Rivet
  • Negotiator


Magstorm Starfield

The Magstorm is an absolute powerhouse in Starfield, and possibly the best heavy weapon in the game.

A blisteringly fast fire rate and a huge magazine let you mow down waves of enemies with ease while using the Magstorm!

Magstorm Base Stats:

Damage12 Phys
Fire Rate400
Ammo.50 MI


Auto-Rivet Starfield

The Auto-Rivet is a perfect heavy weapon for players who prefer damage over fire rate.

While it may fire slowly, it deals some huge damage and is much more accurate than the other heavy weapons in Starfield.

Auto-Rivet Base Stats:

Damage136 Phys
Fire Rate15


Negotiator Starfield

If you have to add some explosive ordnance to your arsenal in Starfield, then the Negotiator is the weapon for you.

This grenade launcher is perfect for taking out large swarms of enemies to huge creatures like Terrormorphs!

Damage136 Phys
Fire Rate15

Best Shotguns in Starfield

The top three shotguns in Starfield are:

  • Big Bang
  • Breach
  • Shotty

Big Bang

Big Bang Shotgun Starfield

The Big Bang is Starfield’s only particle beam shotgun, but it certainly packs a punch.

It blends physical and energy damage to great effect, allowing you to annihilate enemies up close!

Big Bang Base Stats:

Damage32 Phys + 94 Engy
Fire Rate14
AmmoHeavy Fuse


Breach Shotgun Starfield

The Breach is your classic video game shotgun. It does plenty of damage up close, but has a relatively slow fire rate.

Even if it doesn’t fire quickly, you should be able to make quick work of any enemy who approaches you!

Breach Base Stats:

Damage135 Phys
Fire Rate10
Ammo15×25 CLL Shell


Shotty Starfield

The Shotty is a fully automatic shotgun that can blast through waves of enemies with ease.

It can be hard to control, but for extreme close-quarters combat, there is no better gun in the game!

Shotty Base Stats:

Damage68 Phys
Fire Rate60
AmmoCaseless Shell

Best Melee Weapons in Starfield

The best melee weapons in Starfield are:

  • Wakizashi
  • Va’ruun Painblade


Wakizashi Starfield

The Wakizashi does the most damage out of any melee weapon in Starfield, making it the top choice for this weapon type.

Plus, who doesn’t want to be a space samurai?

Wakizashi Base Stats:

Damage49 Phys

Va’ruun Painblade

Va'ruun Painblade Starfield

The Va’ruun Painblade is another great melee weapon for Starfield players – and it looks really cool too!

However, it can be quite tricky to find, as the only enemies that use it are the elusive Va’ruun Zealots.

Va’ruun Painblade Base Stats:

Damage42 Phys

In addition to the best weapons in Starfield, every weapon comes in five different qualities. The worst version of the weapon has no prefix, while higher damage versions have the prefixes Calibrated, Refined, Advanced, or Superior.

Here’s everything you need to know about weapon tiers in Starfield so you can work out which version of a weapon is most powerful!

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