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Best weapons in COD Mobile Season 1 (2022): Most Broken Guns

Each new season of Call of Duty: Mobile introduces new weapons and balance changes to the existing arsenal. COD Mobile: Season 1 “Heist” is no different. However, it may leave you questioning what weapons are the best in the game – this guide will help you answer that.

Call of Duty: Mobile is resetting the clock once again with Season 1 kicking off today (Jan 19). The new season is adding both the PPSh-41 SMG and the Kilo 141 Assault Rifle to the game and early impressions are that both weapons are set to make an impact on the meta.

But just what guns are going to be considered the “best” in Season 1? We have broken down the weapon classes to find the meta picks, so you don’t have to.

Best Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 (2022)

There are five main weapon classes in COD: Mobile, they are:

  • Sub-machine gun (SMG)
  • Assault Rifle (AR)
  • Sniper rifle/marksmen rifle
  • Light-machine gun (LMG)
  • Shotgun

For the sake of simplicity, we won’t be covering Pistols, Launchers, or Operator Skills.

Before we get into it, it’s worth having a look at the balance changes made in Season 1.

Best SMG in COD: Mobile Season 1 – PPSh-41

Best weapons in COD MObile Season 1 2022 smg

It is the latest addition to COD: Mobile’s arsenal and it goes straight in at No.1. The PPSh-41 looks to be an absolute monster.

With a huge magazine capacity and an insane fire rate, this thing shreds. It is also pretty easy to unlock too as it is available through the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Best AR – Man-O-War

Best assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 1 2022

With laser point accuracy and a high DPS, the Man-O-War has been dominating COD: Mobile lobbies for a good while now.

It doesn’t look set to change. The Kilo 141 Assault Rifle is not yet available and until we can get our hands on it, the Man-O-War reigns supreme.

Best Sniper – SVD

Best sniper in cod mobile season 1

Originally introduced in November of last year, the SVD sniper has quickly established itself as one of the best weapons in the game.

Its numbers are hugely impressive, with reload, sprint, and ADS speed all above average. Its damage output is also nasty and it is, of course, semi-automatic. Go forth and click heads!

The Rytec AMR was given a buff heading into Season 1 but we aren’t quite sure it takes the top spot from the SVD.

Best LMG – PKM

Call of Duty best weapons 2022 PKM

COD: Mobile’s PKM is a monster and it enters 2022 as the most broken LMG in the game. With a ridiculous fire rate and surprisingly manageable recoil, the PKM does everything you want in an LMG.

Loud, proud, and ready to mow down the opposition, you can’t go wrong with this Soviet-era behemoth.

Best Shotgun – KRM-262

The KRM-262 excels above others in the Shotgun class because of its insane range. This thing can put down serious damage at medium ranges and with the right attachments, it has the ability to one-shot kill.

Stick on the Extended Barrel (+2) and the MIP Laser 5mW and watch as you mop up entire lobbies.

There you have it. All the best weapons in Season 1 (2022) of Call of Duty: Mobile. Happy hunting!

Want to learn more about the Season 1 Heist? Why not check out how to unlock the over-powered Storm Ball or get the lowdown on everything coming out with the new update?

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