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Best Weapons to Use in Firebase Z – Cold War Zombies

These are the best weapons to slay all of the zombies in Firebase Z.

Firebase Z is a challenging Zombies map for many players. However, equipping yourself with the right weapons can make a huge difference.

Whether you are a close combat brawler or a long-range slayer of the undead, there is a great gun you can use to make Firebase Z a breeze.

Firebase Z Best Weapon – Knife

While slicing through a horde of zombies with a knife doesn’t seem very clever, the knife is actually one of the best weapons to use in Firebase Z.

Although, players using the knife will have to be careful as it can be easy to get overwhelmed when more zombies appear. Make sure you use it with one of the best Field Upgrades for Firebase Z so you don’t get surrounded.

The knife truly shines in the early game. This is because it can get a one-hit kill on enemies up until round 11.

This makes it the perfect weapon to equip before you get the new Wonder Weapon. Find out how to get the R.A.I.K 84 Wonder Weapon in Firebase Z and also read our Firebase Z Wonder Weapon upgrade guide.

However, the knife can be effective in very late rounds too. If you fully max it out at the Pack-A-Punch, then it is a one-hit kill on any enemy, but you may struggle for a period while before you fully upgrade it.

Best Shotgun – Gallo SA12

Shotguns are great crowd control weapons and none are better than the Gallo SA12 for Firebase Z. It is a fast-firing and high damage gun that is effective right from the start.

Just make sure you know how to turn on the power in Firebase Z first.

However, the gun really beings to shine once you Pack-A-Punch it. This makes it the best weapon in the game for mowing down large hordes of zombies.

Using the Pack-A-Punch to turn the gun into the H-NGM-N hugely increases its damage. It can then easily two-shot any zombie no matter how high the round.

Best Rifle – M16

The M16 is the best weapon choice for Firebase Z players who prefer to keep their distance from the oncoming undead horde. It is perfect for killing zombies thanks to the burst fire and very high headshot multiplier.

The M16 starts off strong but becomes ridiculously powerful once you turn it into the Skullsplitter with the Pack-A-Punch. It shreds through all zombies with an upgraded six-round burst and a 72 round magazine which reloads quickly too.

It can even be a really good gun to take on bosses – find out how to defeat Firebase Z boss Orda here.

You’ll definitely want to be using one of these weapons if you hope to complete the Easter Egg. Check out our complete Firebase Z Easter Egg guide here.

There is also a new god mode glitch in Zombies. Find out how to become invincible in Firebase Z.

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