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What Weapons to Use After The MP5 Nerf in Black Ops Cold War

Treyarch recently nerfed the beloved MP5 and players are scrambling to find the next best gun in Black Ops Cold War.

The nerf to the MP5 reduced its effective damage range by 33 percent and altered the recoil. This is the first major gun nerf in Black Ops Cold War.

The developer promised more nerfs and buffs to weapons are on the way, but pushed this major nerf out early.

(Source: Treyarch)

Streamers and players alike previously complained of how overpowered the MP5 was against other weapons. Treyarch listened and adjusted the gun accordingly.

Now, what gun will replace the MP5 as the new meta? There may be a few answers.

XM4 Assault Rifle

Even though the XM4 is the very first assault rifle unlocked in Black Ops Cold War, it packs a punch in gunfights.

Matched with the right attachments, this gun can be extremely powerful and rival the pre-nerf MP5.


Optic: Microflex LED
Muzzle: Socom Eliminator
Barrel: 13.7" Takedown
Body: Steady Aim Laser
Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
Magazine: 40 Round Speed Mag
Handle: Airborne Elastic Grip
Stock: Buffer Tube

The gunfighter wildcard is required for this load out, as the attachments are certainly necessary.

Unlike the MP5 which required no attachments to be unstoppable, the effectiveness of this XM4 class is carried by the attachments. This means you first have to rank it up to use it properly.

Xm4 Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Treyarch)

M16 Tactical Rifle

Other than the MP5, if you've played Black Ops Cold War you probably see the M16 a lot.

In most cases, the tactical rifle is a one burst to the head or upper body when matched with the right optic and barrel.

The M16 plays much differently than the MP5, but once you've mastered the mechanics, it could be a powerful weapon in medium to long distances.


Optic: Xillix Holoscout
Barrel: 20.5" Match Grade
Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip
Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
Stock: SAS Combat Stock

The gunfighter wildcard is not required for this weapon load out, but could be added to include a larger magazine or a change to the body.

Both are not needed as the gun is a three-round burst weapon and reloads quite fast by itself.

M16 in Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Treyarch)

AK47 Assault Rifle

The AK47 returned to Black Ops Cold War as one of the strongest weapons available. This gun is a staple to the Call of Duty franchise and found its way into almost every game.

Unlike the previous two weapons listed, this one does not require a lot of weapon levels to get the right attachments.

This gun is nearly unstoppable at medium to long range and can even hold its own up close.


Muzzle: Muzzle Break 7.62
Barrel: 18.2" Extended
Body: Steady Aim Laser
Underbarrel: Foregrip
Magazine: 40 Round Speed Mag

An optic is not required for this load out as the iron sites are quite good. If you do prefer an optic, replace the 40 round speed magazine for a red dot.

The steady aim laser and foregrip are a must for this weapon because of its large amount of recoil.

(Source: Treyarch)

Each of these weapons work extremely well with our list of the best perks to use in multiplayer.

If you are struggling to level up these weapons to use the right attachments, try hopping into zombies and using it there. Weapon progress transfers between multiplayer and zombies.

Just be sure to pair the gun you want to level up with one of these weapons to slay zombies.

Be sure to check out our guide on how to level up fast in Black Ops Cold War.

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