If you’re looking for specific Ammo Mods to complete your MWZ missions, here’s where to easily farm the items in MW3 Zombies!

Ammo Mods are extremely useful pieces of kit in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies.

When used, Ammo Mods will transfer unique elemental properties onto the weapon you’re holding, causing it to deal additional damage or gain a unique effect.

In your Act 1 MWZ missions, you’ll be tasked with using the Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod to slow zombies down. But if you die and lose that Ammo Mod, don’t worry – there’s an easy way to get your hands on more.

Easiest Farming Method to Get Ammo Mods

The best way to get Ammo Mods is to clear out an Aether Nest in MW3 Zombies.

By entering the Aether Nest and shooting all the yellow cysts inside until they burst, you’ll purge the nest and unlock the rewards within.

Inside purged Aether Nests, you’ll find special Aether Caches, which look like containers with purple crystals embedded in them.

Large Aether Case in MW3 Zombies

These will always contain multiple Ammo Mods, making it easy to find the ones you’re looking for.

We’ve tested dozens of Aether Nests and even the smallest ones will always drop multiple Ammo Mods as part of their Aether Cache rewards.

Getting Ammo Mods in MWZ

This one contained three different Ammo Mods: Dead Wire, Brain Rot, and Cryo Freeze.

Everything You Need to Know About Aether Nests

Aether Nests can be seen from the MWZ map, where they appear with a hexagonal symbol shown below. Try to find ones that are clearly situated in small buildings for a quick and easy clear.

Aether Nest in MWZ

Some Aether Nests are small and easy to clear out, while others fill entire mansions. It’s far easier to purge the smaller gas station nests, and you’ll still get your Ammo Mod rewards for doing so.

Bear in mind that Aether Nests are full of gas, so you’ll either need a Gas Mask, or you’ll need to frequently retreat to regain health.

We advise leaving the area after destroying one or two cysts anyway, as doing so will spawn more undead, and you don’t want to get trapped in.

Cysts in Aether Nests MW3 Zombies

If possible, try to spot and shoot the big yellow targets through the building’s windows, thereby preventing yourself from exposure to the deadly gas and enemies within.

Even in the Tier 1 Zone, there are plenty of Aether Nests that will spawn close to almost any MWZ entry point. If you’re looking to farm Ammo Mods until you find the one you need, simply head for your nearest nest right off the drop.

And if you’re struggling to store all your farmed goods, don’t forget that you can expand your MW3 Zombies stash storage with one quick trick.

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