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Best Way To Buy A PS5 From Walmart USA

Buying a PS5 has proven difficult in recent weeks.

Many fans have felt the need to be awake at highly unsociable hours and ready at a seconds’ notice to bag one.

It’s been tough, even those who do stay up often get beaten by scalpers who have bots doing the work for them.

It’s been proven, when PS5 stocks do drop, they don’t stay in stock for long.

Best Walmart PS5 Tips

Once the PS5 is in-stock at Walmart there are many tricks you can use to put the odds in your favor.

It is a race with thousands of other customers, an absolute frenzy. However, the steps below should give you the edge:

1. Use the Walmart App instead of the Website

Using the app has been shown to work better than the website for many users. The website crashes often, but the app is harder to refresh.

One user suggested tapping the cart icon right at the start of the suspect restock time to refresh the app, then adding the PS5 to the cart to checkout.

Others have reported success by spamming the ‘add to cart’ button on the PS5 product page simply until it works.

2. If you’re stuck on checkout leave it there

Leaving a console in your cart can put you to the front of the queue next time it’s in-stock.

These links will automatically add the PS5 to your cart and get you straight to the checkout page.

Digital Edition:

Disc Edition:

These will only work when the console is in-stock.

UPDATE: Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Restock Due Imminently

Some Walmart customers simply couldn’t wait and have raided cereal boxes for PS5 promotion codes.

Still haven’t got your PS5 yet? Follow these steps:

  1. Follow PS5 Stock News on Twitter for alerts on restocks
  2. Check our PS5 Stock Checker for all major retailers in the USA
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