Walmart’s online PlayStation Portal restocks have slowed down since the last half of December. This continues to be true, with no proof of anyone getting one from this retailer in the past week.

Best Way to Get Your PS Portal From Walmart (Jan 29- Feb 4)

The best way to get your PlayStation Portal from Walmart this week is by checking stock in-store and remaining vigilant for possible restocks after 7 PM ET.

Some gamers were able to get a few units in early January in-store. Despite this finding, there have been no online reports this week of any more successful purchases.

Here’s what we know about Walmart PlayStation Portal restocks so far:

  • Product Page Link: PlayStation Portal at Walmart
  • Restock Pattern: Since its last major restock on December 21, Walmart has slowed down online drops. However, some gamers have reported in-store stock at several locations on the first week of January.
    • As well, before December 21, there was only another drop on December 19. Based on this, if the retailer doesn’t start stocking this item in-store only, we could likely see an online restock by the end of next week.
  • Days of the Week: Tuesday (December 19) and Thursday (December 21). However, this is insufficient data to believe it would happen the same way.
  • Time of Day: Usually past 7 PM ET.
    • December 19 Restock: Started at 8 PM ET and dropped stock in intervals of roughly 15 minutes
    • December 21 Restock: Started at 9 PM ET and dropped stock in intervals of roughly 15 minutes
Walmart PlayStation Portal December Restocks

Tips for Walmart

  1. As of recently, one good option for getting a PS Portal at Walmart is to call your nearest stores or go directly to the locations and check for in-store stock.
    • You can search for nearby Walmart locations using the store finder. Once you have located your store, click “Store details” for the telephone number.
    • According to lucky gamers who have confirmed their purchase, the electronics section is the best location to search for a PlayStation Portal in Walmart. They can be on a lower locked shelf, so be patient, look carefully, and ask any employee for help to get it if you find one.
  2. The last two restocks from Walmart happened past the first half of the month (Dec 19 and 21), and both took place at night, past 7 PM ET. This pattern did not repeat this time, with no restock taking place before January 14. Nonetheless, it seems in-store stock is dwindling. This could be an indicator of an online restock coming soon.
  3. Make sure your Walmart account has up-to-date billing and shipping information in case there is an online drop.
Found the last one over the weekend at Walmart. Now I’m gaming while working!
byu/ixnine inPlaystationPortal

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