As we approach the beginning of February, GameStop in-store PlayStation Portal restocks seem to be slowly returning to normal, with even some lucky gamers finding used units in decent shape and price.

Here, we tell you how to search for stock in-store and have the best chance of getting your PS Portal this week.

Best Way to Get Your PS Portal From GameStop (Jan 29- Feb 4)

The best way to get a PlayStation Portal at GameStop is in-store by checking online stock, calling local stores, or visiting nearby locations.

In-store restocks seem to be returning to the usual small regional drops this week, but it might take time to still look for one in-store.

Here is everything we know about PlayStation Portal restocks at GameStop:

  • Product Page Link: PlayStation Portal at GameStop
  • Restock Pattern: GameStop often randomly restocks a few PlayStation Portal units in select stores. Last week restocks started going back to normal, so there is a chance we might see this trend continue this week.
    • Since the restock pattern is random and has few units per location, it is impossible to determine which locations are getting stock. Therefore, daily checks on stores are recommended.
  • Days of the Week: Restocks happen constantly during the week, with no specific pattern.
  • Time of Day: The best time to check in for stock is early morning, right after GameStop stores open. Depending on the store, this is generally between 10 AM and 12 PM local time.
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Tips for GameStop

  1. Even if your GameStop local store states no PlayStation Portal units are available, give them a call to double-check.
    • Many gamers have found one or two units still left in store despite the website stating no more stock is available.
    • You can use the store locator to find the phone number of your local GameStop.
    • Using the “Radius” filter of the store locator is a great idea to check locations further away from where you live. Remember, the less populated the area, the higher the chances of finding a PS Portal.
    • Pro-Tip: When calling, usually pressing 1 will allow you to speak with a representative.
GameStop Store Locator Phone Numbers
  1. Not all, but many GameStop stores require a Pro membership to purchase a PlayStation Portal. We advise you to pick yours with a friend or family member with a membership.
  2. If staff confirmed during the phone call there is stock, kindly ask them if they can save a unit for you.
    • Remember that staff is not obligated to do this, and some stores do not allow it, so remember to be kind!
  3. If your local stores do not have stock available, ask them if they know when the next shipment is coming. If they provide this information, it will make it easier for you to know when to check again.
  4. If you don’t mind getting a pre-owned unit, ask your local store if they have any available.
    • Some people are not well informed and buy a Portal, thinking it is a stand-alone device, which results in returns.

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