Amazon has not restocked PlayStation Portal since the start of January. With this in mind, we are expecting a new drop soon, and we are here to tell you all about it!

Best Way to Get Your PS Portal From Amazon (Jan 29 – Feb 4)

The best way to get your PlayStation Portal from Amazon is by signing up for restock alerts and staying vigilant from Monday to Wednesday.

Here’s what we know about Amazon PlayStation Portal restocks so far:

  • Product Page Link: PlayStation Portal at Amazon
  • Restock Pattern: Amazon has restocked PS Portal quite randomly, starting with drops weeks away from the last one (November 15, then December 11) to a recent drop on January 1st.
    • For this reason, it is hard to predict precisely if and at what point Amazon could drop new PlayStation Portal stock this week. Nonetheless, it’s been a while since the last one, which increases the chance of a drop happening any time now or early February.
  • Days of the Week: Restocks have happened from Monday to Wednesday.
  • Time of Day: Usually in the early hours of the day (10 AM to 1 PM Eastern Time), but some have also happened in the late afternoon (January 1st took place at 5:54 PM ET).

To sign up for free PlayStation Portal restock alerts:

  1. Visit the PlayStation Portal tracker website
  2. Make sure you select your region by clicking on the right flag right below the product description
RestockTracker io Region Selection
  1. Click on “Subscribe to Instant Stock Alerts” and sign in:
    • Using your email and password if you have an existing account
    • Login with Google
    • Sign Up to create a new account
Restock Tracker Log In
  1. Once logged in, click on Subscribe to Instant Stock Alerts to confirm your alert subscription.
    • You can also decide if you want only email or browser notifications or both from the Subscription Settings section.
Restock Tracker io alert subscription and alert settings

Tips for Amazon

  1. Stay vigilant for alerts early in the morning. Most Amazon PS Portal restocks occur before noon and up to 1 PM ET, with a few occurring in the afternoon.
  2. Make sure you are logged in to your account and that all your billing and shipping information is up to date. You will need to check out as fast as possible, so this is crucial.
  3. Avoid the mobile app whenever possible and try to get your item on a desktop.
    • Checkout errors are common with high-demand products, and navigating these problems is much easier on a desktop with a full keyboard and mouse.
  4. Even if Amazon states PlayStation Portal is out of stock during a restock, keep refreshing for a few minutes. Sometimes, more stock is added during the drop, and you can still get yours.
  5. If you signed up for alerts, save time checking out by using the “Add to Cart” button on once a restock goes live.
Restock Tracker Add to Cart Feature

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