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Best Way to Get a Nintendo Switch OLED Before Christmas Holidays

If you’re still on the hunt for the Nintendo Switch OLED, here’s where to get your hands on it before the Christmas holidays.

Earlier this year, Nintendo released a long-awaited upgrade for the Nintendo Switch. And although it wasn’t the Pro model that a lot of gamers were hoping for, there’s no denying that the OLED is enticing.

Alongside a new dock design, the console comes with a crisp new OLED screen, making Switch games more vibrant and beautiful than ever before. But, as with all new video game consoles, there’s a shortage of stock to go around.

But if you’re buying a new Nintendo Switch upgrade, don’t ignore this urgent warning for Nintendo Switch OLED owners!

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How to Buy a Nintendo Switch OLED Before Christmas

If you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch OLED, these retailers are your best bet when it comes to getting a console before Christmas.

Don’t give up – the Nintendo Switch OLED is still hitting shelves in the lead-up to the holiday!

For all the latest restock information, here’s what we know about Nintendo Switch OLED restocks coming soon!

Target Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Target Has Nintendo Switch OLED Stock In-Store Ahead of Black Friday

Target is probably the best place to buy a Nintendo Switch OLED from before Christmas, and here’s why. For those who were unaware, Nintendo Switch OLED sales are made in-store at Target.

As such, the retailer rarely drops stock online, preferring to sell it in person. Head to your local store early in the morning and ask the Electronics department staff if there is any stock for best results.

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Walmart Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED Walmart Restock

Walmart is one of our go-to retailers when it comes to Nintendo Switch OLED restocks. The reason why: Walmart also selling Nintendo Switch OLED stock in-store!

And while the company also does online sales, you won’t have to battle scalpers when you simply walk into your local store. If you do prefer to buy online, consider that Walmart is known for its long shipping times for consoles.

What’s more, you potentially even need to be a Walmart+ member to purchase a Switch OLED.

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GameStop Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

GameStop Switch OLED

Finally, GameStop is the third and last retailer to sell the Nintendo Switch OLED in-store. However, the store also sells OLED consoles in bundles online, in fairly regular restock waves.

We expect GameStop to have one final OLED drop before Christmas. But it’s worth noting that the store appears to be setting up for a major PS5 restock in-store before the holiday, so perhaps it’s focussing on brick and mortar stores for now.

Thankfully, past drops indicate that you won’t need a PowerUp Rewards Pro membership Nintendo Switch from GameStop’s website.

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Best Buy Nintendo Switch OLED Restock

Best Buy Switch OLED

Best Buy is one major retailer that hasn’t dropped the Switch OLED recently, which can only mean that another drop is coming soon. However, the store often locks the Nintendo Switch OLED behind a paywall, and you can’t buy it in-store.

If you’re a Best Buy TotalTech member, you stand an excellent chance of nabbing the console from the store’s next drop. However, TotalTech is an extortionate membership system, especially if you’re buying it solely for a Switch OLED drop.

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Nintendo Store OLED Restock

Nintendo Switch OLED

You’d think that the Nintendo Store would be your go-to spot for Switch OLED restocks. But more often than not, it appears that Nintendo is prioritizing retail stores over its own website.

We do expect the Nintendo Store to have more OLED units to sell before Christmas, however. And you can sign up to be notified when the device next comes into stock too, which is handy.

But you’ll have to be fast when you get that notification. We’ve got some tips to help you secure the console below:

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That’s all we know about the Nintendo Switch OLED Christmas holiday restocks for now. Check back soon for more updates!

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