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Best Warzone Settings for Performance and FPS – Season 3

If you want your Warzone running as well as it possibly can, make sure to change the best settings for performance and FPS!

Warzone is a great battle royale experience, but it’s also a tremendous drain on resources. Whether you’re playing on PC or console, you’ll always be better off after tweaking your settings.

If you’re a console player, of course there’s less you can do to improve the overall gaming experience. That is, until the upcoming Warzone next-gen patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X drops!

It’s a shame that Warzone on PC has so many advantages over consoles. But hopefully, many of these issues will soon be a thing of the past.

(Source: Activision)

However, we’d definitely recommend taking note of the best Warzone controller settings to get an edge over your competition!

And for those on PC, here are the best Warzone settings to improve your performance in Season 3.

Best Warzone PC Settings in Season 3

Thanks to a new upload by Warzone ‘gun doctor’ P4wnyhof, we now know the best possible settings in Warzone Season 3.

Field Of View

Console players have been demanding a Warzone FOV setting for over a year, but PC players should be wary about setting this too high. 90 degrees FOV is the best setting for performance, but 110 is a sweet spot too.

Make sure your ADS Field of View setting is on Affected too, to keep things consistent.

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Display Mode

Be sure to run Warzone on Fullscreen mode for the optimal FPS and performance in-game. However, on certain systems, Fullscreen Borderless will perform just as well.

If you’re trying out Borderless, be sure to head into your computer’s Control Panel and make sure VSYNC is turned off for your entire PC. Sometimes not doing so will lead to strange stuttering, especially when tabbing out or when you have a second window open.

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(Source: Activision)

Refresh Rate and Resolution

Put simply, your Refresh Rate should be set to what your monitor can handle. If you’re on a 144hz monitor, be sure to up your Refresh Rate to match that figure or you won’t be benefitting from a higher FPS.

With Render Resolution, you want this number to be at 100. However, if your Render Resolution doesn’t match the Display Resolution below, head into Control Panel and turn off DSR Factors in 3D settings.

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Custom Framerate Limit

Although it’s tempting to limit your Custom Framerate to match your Refresh Rate, this is actually not a good idea. P4wnyhof points out that changing the setting to Unlimited is your best bet.

Due to Warzone’s inefficient limiting, putting a limit on your Framerate will lead to a less smooth overall experience.

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(Source: Activision)

NVIDIA Settings

Next up, disable NVIDIA Highlights. Unless you rely on the system for creating content, it’s better to disable it and improve overall performance.

When it comes to NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency however, if you have the option, be sure to set this to Enabled + Boost.

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Details and Textures

Streaming Quality should be set to normal. Texture Resolution should also be normal to keep Warzone looking good without taking up too many resources.

Texture Filter Anisotropic can be set to high. This improves visuals for a very small FPS impact that’s worth the tradeoff.

Particle Quality should be set to high too, as it avoids objects from becoming too blurry at distance.

Bullet Impacts & Sprays won’t affect your overall FPS, so you can leave this on. However, if you prefer to see less clutter in your vision, you can disable it.

Disabling Tessellation will actually reveal player models more easily. However, the game looks better with Tessellation set to All, so choose your preference.

On-demand Texture Streaming can be disabled to improve FPS and input lag.

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(Source: Activision)

Shadow and Lighting

Shadow Map Resolution and Particle Lighting should both be set to normal in Warzone. Doing so will help enemy player models pop out a little better in-game.

Meanwhile, both Cache Spot Shadows, and Cache Sun Shadows should be disabled for maximum FPS. Of course, while it’s nice to have it, turn off DirectX Raytracing too, as this has a huge impact on your game’s performance.

Ambient Occlusion on Disabled will again allow you to see player models more easily and improves your Warzone smoothness.

But with Screen Space Reflection, you’re making another choice. For best performance, disable it completely – but for a smoother, better-looking game you can leave it on Low.

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DLSS and Post Processing Effects

If you can take advantage of Warzone’s new DLSS setting in Season 3, it’s worth your time! However, not everyone has the resources to run NVIDIA DLSS right now.

What’s more, there’s a big issue with using NVIDIA DLSS in Warzone right now.

If you can’t use DLSS, P4wnyhof recommends turning Anti-Aliasing to either Off for best performance, or SMAA 1X to look slightly nicer.

When it comes to Dynamic Resolution, leave this setting on, but think carefully about your Framerate Target below. You’ll want to set this figure to the minimum FPS you tend to get in-game for the smoothest result.

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(Source: Activision)

NVIDIA Game Filters

Although Warzone has a visibility problem, players are always finding a way around the issue. Recently, we discovered the best possible NVIDIA filters for Warzone Season 3!

Using these filters will lead to a performance decrease, but P4wnyhof points out this won’t happen if you simply apply the settings in your NVIDIA Control Panel instead.

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Windows Settings

Outside of Warzone, P4wnyhof recommends making sure your Windows Game Mode is enabled. On the flip side, be sure to turn Xbox Game Bar off.

He also goes into some very in-depth Windows settings that we’d recommend for the more advanced users. You can see the full video below.

We;d also recommend fixing your lag in Warzone with this simple guide!

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