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The Best Warzone Movie-Inspired Skins in the Game So Far

Warzone's cinema skins have paid a great tribute to some of film's most recognisable characters.

The introduction of any skin to Warzone is exciting to some degree. Cosmetics are the spice that keep any free-to-play game alive, and keep you looking fresh while sending goons to the gulag.

But, of course, some are better than others.

Some skin packs have offered some great references to cult-classic movies, and have gotten as closed to licensed skins for their respective movies as they can legally manage.

Warzone is similar to Fortnite in this respect, shining a light on the best movie characters in cosmetic form. Fortnite paid homage to both The Predator and The Terminator recently.

Call of Duty's Cinema Easter Eggs

It's no secret that Call of Duty and the movies have a very special relationship. Call of Duty began paying homage to the world of cinema, and as their popularity began to surge, the movies returned the favor.

The CoD series began to appear in the movies, often being played by baddies on the big screen.

The enemies and goons are spotted playing the game in both Kick-Ass and John Wick, in a way to paint the characters as inherently violent.

Kick-ass Call of Duty

In Chris Hemsworth-led action flick Red Dawn, the character Daryl says he misses playing Modern Warfare when away from home, and Hardcore Henry features a sequence with a disguised sniper operative, a direct reference to the Chernobyl missions in the franchise.

But of course, it had to start somewhere. The Call of Duty franchise makes reference to a number of movies, mostly of the comedic persuasion.

Modern Warfare features a chapter titled "No Fighting In The War Room". This is a reference to a quote from Stanley Kubrick's legendary political satire Dr. Strangelove.

Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove

A similar reference is made in the mission "Charlie Don't Surf", pulled from the quote in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now.

The fan-favorite Modern Warfare mission Mile High Club also features one of the best references in the game, to a very fitting movie. One character asks another "surely you can't be serious?" and the other replies "I'm serious... and don't call me Shirley".

This is a reference to the 1980 spoof comedy Airplane!, which takes place on, you guessed it, an airplane, just like the mission.

Modern Warfare Mile High Club
Modern Warfare's Mile High Club

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Call of Duty's love of film doesn't just reside in its story missions. Now, thanks to Warzone, we get to see the team's love of the movies through the game's best skins.

Warzone's Best Cinema Skins

Tyler Durden - Fight Club

The legendary character Tyler Durden makes an almost-appearance in Warzone through the "tourist" skin.

The skin is for the character Garcia and bears a striking resemblance to Durden with his red leather jacket and funky shirt with a popped collar. We're not sure Garcia is quite as brutal as Durden, though.

Tourist Skin Warzone Fight Club
The "Tourist" Skin

The Joker - The Dark Knight

As a part of the "big joke" bundle for the character Barker, this skin sees the combo of clown mask and jumpsuit that The Joker and his goons wear on their seige of the bank at the beginning of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

It also comes with some vibrant weapon blueprints, so you can look as funky as possible as you gun down your enemies.

Joker Skin Warzone
The "Big Joke" Skin

The Bride - Kill Bill

Operator Portnova has a skin called "Disavowed Assassin", a clear nod to Quentin Tarantino's gory classic. The skin features a motorcycle jumpsuit and helmet, in the iconic yellow and black stripes. It also comes with a katana blueprint and black mamba calling card, so the homage couldn't be clearer.

Kill Bill skin warzone
The "Disavowed Assassin" Skin

The Halloween Skins - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and SAW

The best movie skins in the game don't even have to pay homage. These licensed skins came to the game as part of the last Halloween event and brought Jigsaw and Leatherface to life in remarkable fashion.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and SAW are staples of the horror-movie-night traditions of the holiday, so the choice couldn't be more perfect.

Saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre Warzone Skins
Jigsaw and Leatherface's Warzone Skins

Those are the best cosmetics that the game has to offer so far. It's good that cosmetics are bringing some good to the game. Like this hilarious clip that shows a player being "insta-killed" by a cosmetic spray.

There's also been more trouble with cosmetics; some players want a skin deemed "pay-to-win" removed from the game.

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