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Best Warzone Loadout for Verdansk – Best Guns To Use

Find out the best new Warzone loadout for Verdansk, now that the DMR is no longer king.

A perfectly balanced loadout is the key to Warzone success. You need top-quality guns that can cover all ranges, whilst also having perks and equipment to complement your weaponry.

Now that the DMR has finally been nerfed in a huge new balancing patch, players will be experimenting with their loadouts.

Get ahead of the curve and use the best new Warzone loadout for Verdansk before anyone else does.

Primary Weapon – FFAR 1

The main weapon for this class is the FFAR 1. It is a fast-firing and easy to control assault rifle that is the best option for mid-range engagements.

The FFAR also has the potential to beat many SMGs up close and it is the gun’s versatility and reliability that makes it so powerful.

An absolutely essential attachment for the FFAR is an extended magazine. Find out what other attachments are needed to make the best FFAR loadout for Warzone.

For more info on the FFAR, read why it could be Warzone’s new best gun after the DMR nerf.

Warzone Best Loadout Verdansk FFAR 1
Source: Activision

Secondary Weapon – SP-R 208

A sniper rifle will cover the long-range distances that the FFAR can’t. While many would pick the slightly faster Kar98k, the SP-R 208 is our pick.

The SP-R 208 has the perfect mix of speed, damage, and accuracy. A snappy aim-down-sights speed allows the for quickcsopes, while the bullet velocity lets players get long-range snipes.

Its huge damage is just the icing on the cake. It is capable of downing a fully-armored opponent with one headshot or two body shots.

The SP-R 208 is definitely the best all-around sniper in Warzone and should be in your loadout.

Read our SP-R 208 attachments guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of the sniper rifle.

The new best Warzone Loadout for Verdansk is here. The DMR has been nerfed so what new guns are in the most powerful Warzone loaodut?
Source: Activision

Best Warzone Perks

No Warzone loadout is complete without perks – here are the best ones.

E.O.D is the first perk, which provides players with some extra protection against explosives.

Secondly, Overkill is essential for this loadout. It allows you to equip a primary weapon in both slots. You can’t have the FFAR 1 and SP-R 208 in the same loadout without it.

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Amped is the final perk. This lets players switch between their weapons quicker – another must have for Warzone.

Best Equipment for Warzone

Equipment can also make the difference between life and death. The best Warzone loadout also needs some useful throwables.

The best tactical equipment is a Stun Grenade. This can help players push enemy squads or escape from oncoming pursuers by slowing them down and blurring their vision.

Finally, the lethal equipment we’ve chosen is Semtex. Throwing a Semtex is the most reliable way to eliminate a downed enemy from behind cover. It can be thrown much further than a C4 and will stick in place, unlike a frag grenade.

While this may show the best Warzone loadout for Verdansk, who knows what the new map may be like? A Fireteam Dirty Bomb glitch may have revealed the new Warzone map.

It’s about time we got a new Warzone map because players are finding ridiculous hiding spots. Warzone ninjas have been hiding in trees to get easy kills.

Warzone has also suffered from a number of issues recently. Players have now found a crazy glitch that lets them move Loadout Drops.

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