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Best Vanguard Kar98k Loadout for Caldera – Warzone Pacific

Consider yourself a sniper specialist? Here’s the best loadout possible for the Kar98k in Warzone Pacific’s Caldera.

Warzone Pacific is finally here, much to the excitement of the Call of Duty fans. Along with the new Operators and weapons, Warzone also takes a step towards a new direction in this update.

While the players bid farewell to Verdansk in the Last Hours of Verdansk LTM, a vast number of players are looking forward to exploring the Pacific island map.

The vibrant new map has a varying terrain with a multitude of camping spots. This makes it ideal for long-range weapons such as the Kar98k Sniper Rifle.

But first, check out the Warzone Pacific Caldera gameplay, if you haven’t already seen the map in action.

kar98k attachments warzone pacific caldera

Best Kar98k Warzone Pacific Gunsmith Loadout

Vanguard’s Kar98k will be arriving at the Warzone Pacific as well, potentially making it the go-to Sniper Rifle. Already a deadly weapon, it can exceed expectations with the best Kar98k loadout for Caldera matches.

Kar98k is the perfect weapon to carry to camp the Airfield’s ATC towers. The infamous towers are marking their return on the latest map.

With that said, this is the perfect loadout for your Kar98k Sniper Rifle shared by ‘JGOD‘:

  • Muzzle: G28 Compensator
  • Barrel: VDD RE02K
  • Stock: Short Stock
  • Underbarrel: SMLE Pistol Grip
  • Magazine: 8mm Klauser 3 Round Mag
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Fabric Rear Grip
  • Perk 1: Shrouded
  • Perk 2: Deep Breath

This loadout with nine attachments is a great fit for players looking to finish off enemies from a distance.

The Kar98k has also been a staple choice for players looking to quick-shot their enemies and flex their sniper skills.

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best kar98k loadout caldera by jgod

On top of this, we also have the first functional melee weapon in the Battle Pass system. Here’s how to unlock the Sawtooth melee weapon.

Additionally, the Warzone Pacific and Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass Tier rewards are some of the best ever seen in the Call of Duty franchise. Even the free Tier rewards outnumber the previous Battle Pass rewards.

Finally, make sure you only use the best meta weapon in Caldera on launch. Keeping up with the ever-changing meta makes for a much more versatile player.

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