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Best Value FIFA 21 Premier League Midfielders Under 5k FUT Coins

Players are building out their FUT first 11 in the early stages of FIFA 21. Here's a list of affordable Premier League options to beef up your midfield without breaking the bank.

The engine of nearly any successful team starts in the middle of the park. While there are many formations of midfield to play, it's an essential piece in finding a successful lineup to guide you to victory.

With nearly all major football leagues around the world back in action for their 2020-21 campaigns, let's take a look at the ultra-popular Premier League to find some affordable players to fit in your midfield.

Bargain Premier League Midfielders in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

We'll be placing a 5k FUT Coins cap on our shopping list to help with the initial stages of raising funds.

Best Premier League CM (under 5k)

Three Premier League picks for the heart of your team.

Ilkay Gündogan (83 Overall)

Manchester City - 2.9k/4k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

Trading under our 5k limit, this is a very well rounded card offering impressive 84 Passing and Dribbling statistics. Sufficient in other areas this card carries 74 Shooting, 72 Defending, and 71 Physical with a 4 star weak foot.

However, don't rely on him to do the bulk of your midfield running as his 66 Pace and 71 Stamina will show themselves in the latter stages of matches.

Jorghino (83 Overall)

Chelsea - 2k/2.6k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

The metronome of the Blues midfield, Jorghino keeps everything ticking over back and forth. A very good passer, this card offers 89 Long Passing, 88 Short Passing, and 87 Vision.

This card certainly has its detractors, 55 Pace means you'll likely need to pair this one with an industrious midfielder to cover the ground that Jorghino simply can't.

João Moutinho (83 Overall)

Wolves - 2k/2.7k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

The ageless wonder is now into his third season with Wolverhampton and 18th of his professional career. Still capable of putting in a shift, his FUT card will play nicely on the ball with 86 Passing and 83 Dribbling.

He won't get around the pitch much with only 56 pace, so it's probably better to use his talents in a side that will sit deeper and defend before hitting on the counter.

Best Premier League CAM (under 5k)

Offensive-minded midfield options to fill the no. 10 role in your squad.

Mesut Özil (82 Overall)

Arsenal - 1.6k/1.4k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

While he catches criticism at seemingly every turn, his talent is undeniable. A maestro with the ability to pick any pass, Özil is a great set-up man for early FUT Squads.

His card boasts 85 Passing with a Crossing rating of 81 and impressive dribbling capability to get out of tight areas (83). As is the story of Özil's career, don't expect him to win the ball back in pressing situations, his 24 Defending rating is quite laughable really.

James Madison (81 Overall)

Leicester City - 1.4k/2k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

Bursting onto the scene during last years Premier League season, James Maddison is a rising star in the world of football. A card that can do-it-all offensively with 75 Pace, 76 Shooting (81 Long Shots), 84 Passing, and 82 Dribbling, this is a great CAM to add to your team.

Offering bonus value due to advanced ability on set-pieces (84 FK. Accuracy) this is a top choice for Premier League no. 10's.

Mason Mount (80 Overall)

Chelsea - 950/950 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

The young English midfielder has enjoyed varying levels of success in his Premier League tenure. But for only 900 FUT Coins this card certainly fills a hole in your starting 11.

80 Dribbling rating and 77 Shooting are certainly passable for the early months of FIFA 21. And with 78 Stamina this card should be effective in a side instructed to press higher up the pitch.

Best Premier League CDM (under 5k)

A brace for your back four and backbone to your midfield.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg (80 Overall)

Tottenham Hotspur - 650/700 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

Perhaps the most effective signing in a Tottenham transfer window that included the return of Gareth Bale, Højbjerg offers a calming presence in midfield. Not even a rare card, the stats are certainly playable with 76 Passing, 75 Dribbling, 77 Defending, and 80 Physicality.

Look for a simple role with this card, win the ball back and play an outlet pass to a nearby teammate with 80 Standing Tackle and 81 Short Passing.

Tomáš Souček (80 Overall)

West Ham - 950/900 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

Fit for a defensive formation, this card is like having an extra center back on the pitch. 80 Defending and 83 Physicality ratings including 80 Def. Awareness and Standing Tackling with 83 Strength allow this card to get stuck in on any challenge.

Make sure to set the player instructions to "Free Roam" and "Aggressive Interceptions" to utilize the 92 Stamina rating on this card.

Nemanja Matić (80 Overall)

Manchester United - 750/750 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

Matić just keeps trucking on now 32 years of age playing for his second Premier League club. His game is still effective and his FUT card is a good option for players looking to strengthen their defensive presence in midfield.

However, 44 Pace and 68 Shooting ratings mean you'll likely need to pair this card with more offensive minded midfielders in order to have an effective unit.

So there you have it, affordable options to fit multiple formations of midfield in the infancy of FIFA 21.

Don't get too tied down to these cards, as their peak value is likely approaching or passing. But for the time being, they should provide you with a competitive side to roll out for FUT.