If you’re competing in the Ultra Premier Classic in Pokemon GO’s Battle League, here are the best Pokemon to use to win your matchups!

If you want to win in the Pokemon GO Battle League, you’ll need to have a strong team for whichever tournament you decide to compete in. However, with so many different leagues and cups, each with a unique ruleset, it can be difficult to keep up!

The Ultra Premier Classic has quite a few restrictions on which ‘Mon you can use. This makes it an interesting tournament to take part in, but also makes it tough to put together a powerful team

Here’s a rundown of the rules and then the best Pokemon you can use in the Pokemon GO Ultra Premier Classic!

Pokemon GO Best Ultra League Battle Team - Season of Light

Pokemon GO Ultra Premier Classic Rules

  • Pokemon must be 2500 CP or less
  • Legendary and Mythical Pokemon are not allowed
  • Pokemon that have been powered up using Candy XL are not allowed

While these rules greatly limit which Pokemon you can use, we’ve got a number of great options for you!

But before you find out which Pokemon to use in the Ultra Premier Classic, here’s how to earn Candy fast in Pokemon GO! You’ll need plenty to power up these Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Ultra League Machamp Swampert

Best Pokemon Team to Use in the Ultra Premier Classic

The best team to use in the Pokemon GO Ultra Premier Classic is Trevenant, Nidoqueen, and Swampert – in our opinion. However, there are plenty of great Pokemon you can use:

PokemonImageTypeFast AttackCharged Attacks
TrevenantPokemon GO TrevenantGhost/GrassShadow ClawShadow Ball
Seed Bomb
NidoqueenNidoqueen Pokemon GOPoison/GroundPoison JabPoison Fang
Earth Power
SwampertSwampert Pokemon GOWater/GroundMud ShotHydro Cannon
DragoniteDragonite Pokemon GODragon/FlyingDragon BreathDragon Claw
Kommo-oKommo-o Pokemon GODragon/FightingDragon TailClose Combat
Dragon Claw
SneaslerSneasler Pokemon GOFighting/PoisonShadow ClawX-Scissor
Close Combat
Sirfetch'dSirfetch'd Pokemon GOFightingCounterLeaf Blade
Brave Bird
SteelixSteelix Pokemon GOSteel/GroundDragon TailPsychic Fangs
GalladeGallade Pokemon GOPsychic/FightingConfusionClose Combat
Leaf Blade
EscavalierEscavalier Pokemon GOBug/SteelCounterDrill Run

If you need to give your Pokemon more powerful moves, we have you covered. Here’s how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO!

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to earn all of the GO Battle League rewards in the Season of Light!

Pokemon GO Battle

When is the Pokemon GO Ultra Premier Classic?

Start Date & Time

The Ultra Premier Classic begins in the GO Battle League on September 22 at:

  • 1 PM PT
  • 3 PM ET
  • 9 PM BST

As well as the Ultra Premier Classic, the Ultra League will also be active during this week. Find out the best Ultra League Battle Team in Pokemon GO here!

End Date & Time

The Ultra Premier Classic leaves the GO Battle League on September 29 at:

  • 1 PM PT
  • 3 PM ET
  • 9 PM BST

Check out the GO Battle League schedule for the Season of Light to find out which leagues and cups are coming up soon!

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