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Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon for Ultra League – May 2022

As the Ultra League is now available in the Pokemon GO PvP, players are looking for the best pokemon to use. Luckily, the Water Festival did not shake up the meta too much. It’s time to look at the best pokemon for Ultra League.

The Ultra League is one of Pokemon GO’s most challenging but most rewarding leagues. It’s a place for skilled trainers who know a thing or two about PvP in Pokemon GO. Being a multiplayer game, we can constantly assess the meta and see what’s good and what’s not.

The Ultra League allows pokemon with up to 2.500 CP in battle, so you must be prepared to face many challenging teams. With the CP cap being 2.500, you will naturally see a more diverse and competitive meta.

If you’re starting PvP, the Great League has a CP cap of only 1500, and it’s much easier to prepare pokemon for it. Here are the best teams you can use in the Great League.

Pokemon Go Best Ultra League Pokemon

Best Ultra League Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The best pokemon in the meta are always the ones that counter the meta. Go into a couple of games in the Ultra League, and you’ll undoubtedly encounter one of the following: Giratina, Fairy Types, Walrein, and many more.

While you can play many of those to significant effect, you’re much more likely to win if you try to counter what you face the most.

Since the cap is 2.500, there are many strong pokemon. This leads to many combinations of teams being viable or underrated. This is why we will not follow our traditional Opener – Switch – Closer list that we used for the best Great League Pokemon.

Here are some of the best pokemon you can use for the Ultra League. This list also takes into account the accessibility and availability of pokemon. This is why you will not see legendaries.

Nidoqueen (Poison, Ground)

  • Quick Move: Poison Jab
  • Charge Moves: Poison Fang, Earth Power
  • Strong VS: Fighting, Poison, Rock, Bug, Fairy
  • Weak VS: Water, Ground, Psychic, Ice
Pokemon Go Golduck Ultra League

*Shadow* Golduck (Water, Psychic)

  • Quick Move: Confusion
  • Charge Moves: Cross Chop, Ice Beam
  • Strong VS: Water, Ground, Ice, Poison, Fire
  • Weak VS: Electric, Gras

Shadow pokemon are powerful in PvP, especially ones with Confusion. Confusion is boosted when a pokemon is in shadow form, and its moves charge much faster. Golduck is also a reasonably common pokemon, making him an excellent choice, especially if you’re moving to Ultra League Battles.

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Granbull (Fairy)

  • Quick Move: Snarl
  • Charge Moves: Close Combat, Crunch
  • Strong VS: Dragon, Fighting, Bug, Dark
  • Weak VS: Steel, Poison

Fairy types are prevalent in the meta right now, but Granbull is a bit special. He can learn dark moves and Close Combat, offering unrivaled type coverage.

Pokemon Go Best Ultra League Pokemon Shadow Lapras Moveset

*Shadow* Lapras (Water, Ice)

  • Quick Move: Ice Shard
  • Charge Moves: Surf, Skull Bash
  • Strong VS: Water, Ice, Ground
  • Weak VS: Fighting, Rock, Grass, Electric

Although it may seem like Lapras has a lot of weaknesses and not many good match-ups, it is perfect in the current meta. Electric and rock types are significantly behind in the meta, and with super fast charge moves and ice shard, they can do great damage. You have to play around with swaps a bit.

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Bewear (Normal, Fighting)

  • Quick Move: Shadow Claw
  • Charge Moves: Drain Punch, Payback
  • Strong VS: Ghost, Rock, Bug, Dark
  • Weak VS: Fighting, Flying, Psychic, Fairy

Bewear is another case of a pokemon that seems weak but has access to a fantastic move pool that makes it one of the best. Shadow Claw as a quick move is a luxury that very few pokemon have. Couple that with drain punch, and it can go toe-to-toe with many legendaries that are a high priority in the meta right now, especially Giratina.

Getting strong pokemon is hard. It takes a lot of TMs, candies, and hunting. But, if you want to get into PvP, at least knowing what you’re up against is critical. After that, you also have to learn how to swap and play around shields.

But, if you want to start battling in the Ultra League, it’s best to choose pokemon from this list. They will make your life much easier. Finally, if you’re looking for a place to practice PvP, look no further than the Element Cup!

For more info about Pokemon, check out bulbapedia.

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