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Best Tricks for Better Loot in Hogwarts Legacy

There are a few ways to ensure that you always roll the best loot in Hogwarts Legacy:

How to Optimize Gear For Better Loot Rolls

You need to equip the highest level gear in your inventory to optimize it and get the best loot rolls possible.

Here is the fastest way to optimize your gear:

  • Head to your Gear.
  • Equip any gear that will boost your stats.
    • You can easily tell what loot will raise your stats by the green arrow in the gear stat. The green arrow means this will raise your stats. If there is a red arrow, this gear has lower stats than what you have equipped.
    • You want to equip anything with a green arrow.
How to Obtain Better Hogwarts Legacy Loot
Green arrow means this gear will raise your stats.
  • Head to Gladrags Wizardwear in Hogsmeade and sell any loot you are not using.
  • This ensures you have the most optimized gear and empty Gear Slots for any chests you may find while exploring.

The loot in Hogwarts Legacy is randomized for the most part. The chests you open will drop a random piece of gear based on the stats on your currently equipped gear. This means that forgetting to switch out your gear and open chests could affect the drops you obtain.

The chests tend to give out items it believes you currently need. Theoretically, if your robe is a bit under-leveled, it’ll give you a slightly better robe to increase your total stats.

But if you forget to equip it, your next loot drop may be a similar robe that doesn’t aid your stats. It’ll be slightly better or worse than the robe you just obtained.

If you find that one of your gear slots is too under-leveled, it’s always wise to head to Gladrags Wizardwear to buy a gear piece to raise your gear’s overall level.

Optimize Gear Slots
Optimize gear before exploring.

Another thing to keep in mind is your Gear Slot Inventory space. If you happen to go out exploring with a full gear slot inventory, then it could negatively affect your loot rolls.

Thankfully, there is a way to increase your Gear Slot Inventory space. Before you set out to get the best loot, ensure you’ve followed all these tips.

How to Use Save Method To Boost Legendary Loot Chances

Players who want to prioritize legendary loot in Hogwarts Legacy can use the save method to maximize their loot drop potential.

  • Find any loot chest in Hogwarts Legacy.
Chest Save Method
  • Create a New Save File.
    • Pause Hogwarts Legacy.
    • Choose “Settings.”
    • Use your cursor to choose “Save Game.”
    • Select any of the empty save slots to save your game.
Hogwarts Save Game
  • Open the Loot Chest.
  • If you did not receive legendary loot, load up the save you made before opening it.
    • Head to “Settings.”
    • Choose “Load Game.”
    • Load up the save you just made.
Hogwarts Load Game
  • Repeat this as many times as necessary until you obtain legendary loot.
    • Legendary loot has an orange tint to it.

This is the best way to ensure you always obtain legendary loot with your rolls. It’s better to wait until you are at a higher level because gear does not level up with you.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to raise your level in Hogwarts Legacy fast.

Every Type of Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

Players that know what sort of loot to expect from every type of chest can increase their odds of finding legendary loot.

It also helps to know where to find Gear Traits to add to your gear slots.

Here is what to expect out of each type of chest in Hogwarts Legacy:

White Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy
  • Standard Chests of All Sizes
    • Randomized piece of gear.
Standard Loot Chests
  • Small Cylinder Shaped Chests
    • Wand Handles
Wand Loot Chest Hogwarts Legacy
  • Small Hexagon Shaped Chests
    • Room of Requirement Conjurations
Hogwarts Legacy Conjuration Chest
  • Large Chests with Two Handles
    • Legendary Gear Piece
Large Legendary Loot Chest
  • Rectangle Shaped Iron Chest with Sphere Handle
    • Gear Traits
Hogwarts Legacy Trait Chest
  • Small Leather Bag
    • Galleons
Hogwarts Leather Loot Bag

This information was first found and shared by somethingnerdrelated on Reddit!

Standard Chests and small leather bags will respawn, but all other chests will remain open in the location where you first find them.

All of the Gear Rarity Levels in Hogwarts Legacy

Knowing the gear rarity levels in Hogwarts Legacy is important because it allows you to prioritize better loot for your character.

Since some gear is upgradeable, it’s also important to know what is worth spending your money on.

There are four different rarity levels in Hogwarts Legacy, including:

  • Green – Well-Appointed
    • Most basic level of gear. This gear can not have traits nor be upgraded.
  • Blue – Superb
    • Superb gear is decent enough stats. It is the cheapest gear to upgrade and can have Level 1 traits equipped.
  • Purple – Extraordinary
    • This gear has excellent stats and can have level 1 and level 2 traits equipped. It is costly to upgrade, though.
  • Orange – Legendary
    • Legendary gear has the best stats in Hogwarts Legacy. It can equip any level trait, but it is the most expensive to upgrade.
Legendary Gear Hogwarts Legacy
Gear Rarity is shown under the name and color of the gear slot.

You’ll want to prioritize Extraordinary and Legendary gear for your character once you reach higher levels. Any Well-Appointed, Superb, and Extraordinary gear should be sold as soon as possible.

It is important to build up money fast in Hogwarts Legacy to help you purchase important items for the Room of Requirement.

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