Ultimate Team players can boost their lower-rated LBs with the new Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolution.

This Evolutions set is entirely free, and players just need to submit the item they want to use. Their left fullback will receive the Slide Tackle PlayStyle+ and a substantial boost to their stats.

If you do not know which player to put in, we have some of the best players below to help you. However, you will first need to know the requirements.

Trailblazer Slide Tackler Requirements

Players who meet the following requirements will be eligible for this Evolution:

  • Overall: Max. 80
  • Pace: Max. 86
  • Passing: Max. 79
  • Defending: Max. 79
  • Physical: Max. 79
  • Position: LB
  • No. of PlayStyles+: 0

If your item does not meet all the criteria listed, you cannot evolve them in the Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolution.

Do note that this Evolution will expire in ; however, if you have already submitted your item by this time, you will have to complete the challenges.

Trailblazer Slide Tackler Requirements

Best Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolution Players in EA FC 24

The best Trailblazer Slide Tackler Evolutions to use in EA FC 24 are:

These items in EA FC 24 look the best once they receive their final upgrade.

Tyrell Malacia

  • Cost: 1,400 coins

Malacia is the best option for Premier League teams as he receives substantial boosts to Pace, Passing, Dribbling, and Physical.

The Dutch fullback gets some excellent links to several meta players such as van Dijk, de Jong, Rashford, and Frimpong.

Trailblazer Slide Tackler Malacia Upgrade
Stats from FUT.GG

Ramy Bensebaini

  • Cost: 700 coins

Bensebaini is one of the best choices, but not to play as a LB. Due to the Algerian having a CB alt position, his item looks like a quality central defender.

With a Shadow or an Anchor, the Dortmund player seems to be a high-tier item. He is one of the best Trailblazer

Ramy Bensebaini Evolution
Stats from FUT.GG.

Kieran Tierney

  • Cost: 700 coins

Tierney is the best La Liga option for those with squads in this league. The Scottish fullback becomes an 84-rated player with good stats across his item.

If you have the POTM Kubo, he will be a great link to fit them into your squad.

Tierney Evolution EA FC 24
Stats from FUT.GG


  • Cost: 500 coins

If you need a Brazilian or Ligue 1 LB, Ismaily is one of the best players to select for Trailblazer Slide Tackler. The LOSC Lille defender has decent Pace and Physical stats.

While his passing is low, he has 82+ in critical areas such as Short Passing and Crossing. The best asset this card has is its Brazilian links.

Ismaily Evolution
Stats from FUT.GG

Alex Sandro

  • Cost: 750 coins

Alex Sandro is another LB who is one of the best players due to his ability to play at CB. His stats for a central defender make him an excellent option.

The Brazilian has good Defensive and Physical stats, with his Dribbling being a bonus. Additionally, he offers excellent links to meta players such as Bremer.

Alex Sandro Evolution
Stats from FUT.GG
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