This TAQ-56 loadout for MW2 will allow you to quickly eliminate your enemies without worrying about your survivability.

Its design and framework are inspired by one of the most iconic weapons in the Call of Duty franchise, the SCAR-L. So it makes sense that it also be one of the most viable weapons for any situation.

Best TAQ-56 Loadout Build in MW2

The 5 attachments for the best TAQ-56 loadout build are:

  • Barrel – 14.5″ Tundra Pro Barrel – Unlocked at TAQ-56 Level 12
  • Muzzle – Komodo Heavy – Unlocked at Lachman-556 Level 18
  • Optic – Cronen Mini Red Dot – Unlocked at FSS Hurricane Level 3
  • Underbarrel – FTAC Ripper 56 – Unlocked at Lachman-762 Level 6
  • Rear Grip – Demo Cleanshot Grip – Unlocked at TAQ-V Level 13
Slimline Pro is preferable on the Optic, but is currently only available in private matches.

If you need to unlock attachments for the TAQ-56, here’s how to quickly level up your guns in Modern Warfare 2.

TAQ-56 MW2 Loadout

The 14.5″ Tundra Pro Barrel improves your Damage Range and Bullet Velocity. This allows you to eliminate enemies at a greater range.

The Komodo Heavy increases your Horizontal Recoil Control. This helps you focus on tracking your target and eases some of the effects of the overall recoil.

With the Cronen Mini Red Dot, you’ll be able to engage enemies at a greater distance with more accuracy. This attachment can be interchanged with another sight if it’ll help you control your aim better.

The FTAC Ripper 56 will help increase the accuracy of your shots, and it’ll improve your overall recoil control.

Finally, the Demo Cleanshot Grip is there to help increase your ADS speed and Sprint to Fire Speed. This allows you to go from movement to ADS more quickly.

How to Unlock the TAQ-56 (SCAR)

To unlock the TAQ-56, players must reach Rank 19 in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on it, then here’s how to level up quickly in MW2. You can also try it out in a Private Match where every weapon and attachment is completely unlocked.

TAQ-56 MW2 Loadout

Best Secondary to Use With TAQ-56

The Basilisk is the best secondary to use alongside the TAQ-56 due to its destructive power at close range.

It’s a two-shot kill weapon at mid-range, and at short range, it’s a one-shot kill if you aim above the waist. A headshot is a one-shot kill, no matter what.

This means that if you manage to damage an enemy with your lethal, or TAQ-56, then quickly switching to the Basilisk will guarantee you an elimination. It’s reliable, and it has enough range to scare off enemies when you’re searching for ammo or looking to reload.

Basilisk MW2

Best Perks to Use With TAQ-56

The best perks to use with the TAQ-56 AR are:

  • Double Time
  • Scavenger
  • Fast Hand
  • Quick Fix

This perk package aims to increase your survivability when using this loadout. With the high firing rate and damage of the TAQ-56, you’ll easily be able to pick off enemies.

If you’re not too familiar with the perk system in Modern Warfare 2, you can check out our Perk Package guide here for a complete breakdown.

Best TAQ-56 Base Perks

  • Double Time
  • Scavenger

But sometimes you may be caught off guard by enemies, so it’s good to have Double Time as one of your Base Perks to outmaneuver them.

Your second Base Perk should be Scavenger so that you are constantly replenishing your ammo. The worst thing is running out of ammo and having to pick up someone else gun and realizing its not nearly as fun as yours.

Best TAQ-56 Bonus Perk

  • Fast Hands OR
  • Ghost

The Bonus Perk can either be Fast Hands or Ghost. It all depends on your style of play. With Fast Hands, you can reload, use equipment, and swap weapons faster. This is handy if you’re an aggressive player that looks to get Double and Triple Kills often.

If you choose to go with Cold Blooded, then you won’t need to worry about AI targeting systems or being spotted by enemy Field Upgrades. This will allow you to flank your enemies more comfortably.

Best TAQ-56 Ultimate Perk

  • Quick Fix

Since the aim of this perk package is to stay alive, Quick Fix is by far the best Ultimate Perk since it heals you anytime you get an elimination.

Your health regeneration also increases whenever you capture or hold objectives.

Best Equipment to Use With TAQ-56

The best equipment to use with this TAQ-56 loadout is:

  • Stun Grenade Tactical
  • Drill Charge Lethal

Assault Rifles tend to suffer at close range. Against an SMG, they always have a hard time. The Stun Grenade will allow you to stun a small room before entering it to give you the upper hand.

To take things to the next level, you can even throw a Drill Charge to damage anyone inside the room so that you can easily take them out with your Basilisk secondary weapon.

TAQ-56 Inspect MW2

Best Field Upgrade to Use With TAQ-56

The best Field Upgrade to use with the TAQ-56 in MW2 is Battle Rage.

Battle Rage will boost your health regeneration, help you resist Tactical Equipment, and refresh your Tactical Sprint.

This, paired up with your Perk Package, will make you pretty hard to eliminate and allow you to win plenty of gun fights.

If you’re not too fond of using it, then take a look at all the other Field Upgrades here.

Best Alternatives to TAQ-56

Despite the TAQ-56 being one of the most lethal assault rifles in MW2, this M4 loadout is a great alternative when you’re looking for something with less recoil. Other great alternatives include:

  • Lachman-556 – A jack-of-all-trades AR that is great for objective multiplayer modes where you need to get up close and personal.
  • Kastov 762 – An AR that is currently dominating the meta in MW2. Its high TTK and manageable recoil make it a beast in every match.