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Best Full-Auto Akimbo Sykov Loadout in Warzone

Check out the best Sykov loadout in Warzone. Somehow, it is even more overpowered than players had feared!

Warzone has had its fair share of insanely overpowered guns before. The DMR, AUG, and even the Akimbo Snakeshot Magnums would be the ones that probably come to mind first.

However, we can 100% say this is by far the most overpowered gun Warzone has ever had. Make sure you use this full-auto Akimbo Sykov loadout before it is (hopefully) nerfed.

Best Sykov Loadout Warzone

How Good is the Akimbo Sykov Weapon Build?

Warzone players had been eagerly awaiting (or fearing) the Sykov’s arrival ever since they saw the first gameplay of the Sykov.

Then, JGOD revealed the ridiculous TTK stats of the Sykov which really brought the hype for this unique sidearm.

The Sykov is by far the most powerful close-range option in the game and players are already calling for a huge Sykov nerf. However, it is reliant on using the best Sykov loadout in Warzone to make it truly overpowered.

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Best Sykov Loadout Warzone

You can equip a fully automatic barrel, 80 round Drum Mags, and wield two of them at the same time using the Akimbo perk! Make sure to make the most of the Warzone Double XP weekend to unlock these attachments twice as fast.

But before you unlock any attachments you’ll have to find out how to unlock the Sykov in Warzone.

When using the best Sykov loadout in Warzone, the time to kill is 241ms, according to True Game Data. For comparison, this is *TWICE* as quick as the totally overpowered FFAR, which players want to be nerfed.

The only downside to the Sykov is its limited range as you’ll only want to use them up to around 10m. However, if you camp in a building with them using the nearly invisible Roze skin, you will be basically unstoppable.

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Best Sykov Class in Warzone

These are the attachments you’ll need to equip to make the best Sykov loadout in Warzone:

  • Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel – Sorokin 140mm Auto
  • Laser – 5mW Laser
  • Ammunition – 80 Round Drums
  • Perk – Akimbo

You’ll want to pair this with a gun that can handle mid to long-range gunfights. Try out the most overpowered M16 loadout in Warzone.

Best Akimbo Sykov Loadout Warzone

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Also, Warzone guns tester JGOD recently said that players who don’t use the meta should ‘expect to lose’, which seems even more relevant now! Will you use the best Sykov loadout or stick to your old favorites?

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