Here are the best swords for every different build in Elden Ring. We’ve got you covered for everything from Strength to Arcane!

Elden Ring is a very challenging game but using the right weapon can make it much easier. However, not every weapon will be effective for everyone.

To be successful, you’ll need to choose a weapon that is suited for your build. There are plenty of different types of swords in Elden Ring, with plenty of them being perfect for a certain kind of build.

Here is the best sword for every character build in Elden Ring!

Best Sword For Every Build in Elden Ring

  • Greatsword – Strength Build
  • Hand of Malenia – Dexterity Build
  • Sacred Relic Sword – Faith Build
  • Moonveil – Intelligence Build
  • Rivers of Blood – Arcane / Bleed Build

Greatsword – Best Strength Build Colossal Sword

Elden Ring Greatsword

If you’re going all-in on a Strength build in Elden Ring, you’ll surely want to use a colossal weapon. While it may be pretty basic, the Greatsword is actually the best sword for Strength builds.

The Greatsword has some good Strength scaling, meaning some very high damage potential. Plus, you can also equip any Ash of War to it.

This means you can use it with Bloodhound’s Step which makes you invisible or the Raptor of the Mists to teleport away from attacks.

Getting the Greatsword is also pretty simple, providing you have progressed into the game. You can find it in a chest in the back of a caravan to the northwest of the Caelem Ruins Site of Grace.

Alternatively, if you want a more flashy sword for Strength builds, defeat General Radahn and get his Starscourge Greatsword.

Requirements: STR 31, DEX 12

Hand of Malenia – Best Dexterity Build Sword

Elden Ring Hand of Malenia

The Hand of Malenia is one of the best Katanas in Elden Ring and it is also our pick for anyone who needs a great sword for a Dexterity build.

The Waterfowl Dance unique skill makes the blood loss on Hand of Malenia even more powerful. It delivers a brutal slashing combo on any unfortunate enemies you come across.

Although, it requires a whopping 48 Dexterity to even wield and you need to defeat Malenia, Blade of Miquella to get it.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-get Dex-scaling weapon, the Nagakiba Katana is an alternative that is much easier to obtain.

Requirements: STR 16, DEX 48

Sacred Relic Sword – Best Faith Build Sword

Elden Ring Sacred Relic Sword

For those of you going for a Faith build, the best sword for you in Elden Ring is the Sacred Relic Sword. After all, we’ve ranked it in second place on our list of best weapons in Elden Ring!

The Wave of Gold unique skill fires a golden wave at enemies to deal damage to a wide area. This is perfect for crowd control and can wipe down larger hordes of enemies with ease.

What’s more, it also lets you gain runes at the best Elden Ring rune farming spot even faster!

Although, this is one of the most difficult weapons to get as you need to beat the game to get it! Check out our guide on how to beat the Elden Beast final boss in Elden Ring if you need some help.

Requirements: STR 14, DEX 24, FAI 22

Moonveil – Best Intelligence Build Sword

Elden Ring Moonveil

This unique Katana is perfect for Intelligence builds as scales with INT and its unique skill lets you do some huge magic damage to enemies from a distance.

Plus, it inflicts blood loss too, making it a huge damage dealer, especially for the low requirements to wield it.

If you’re a spellsword who needs a sword to go with their spells, look no further than the Moonveil Katana.

Some Elden Ring players may prefer the Sword of Night and Flame as their magical blade, but the Moonveil is even stronger.

Here’s where to find the Moonveil in Elden Ring. You can even get it pretty early on!

Requirements: STR 12, DEX 18, INT 23

Rivers of Blood – Best Arcane / Bleed Build Sword

Rivers of Blood Elden Ring

Without a doubt, the Rivers of Blood is by far the best weapon in Elden Ring right now. Even if you aren’t going for a full Arcane build to maximize blood loss, it can still do some insane damage.

Its unique skill, Corpse Piler slices your enemies with a blade of cursed blood and lets you perform a flurry of attacks that is devastating for any enemy you come up against.

The Rivers of Blood also features as an integral part of the best Vampire build in Elden Ring and it can be made even more deadly by wearing the bleed damage boosting White Mask.

You can find out how to get the Rivers of Blood in Elden Ring here!

Requirements: STR 12, DEX 18, ARC 20

And those are the best swords for every build in Elden Ring! Be sure to try out the one that suits your character.

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