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Best Strategy to Defeat Ragetail Kemono in Wild Hearts

The best strategy to defeat and farm the Ragetail Kemono in Wild Hearts is using a weapon with Fire Attribute and Slash or Pummel Damage, like the Karakuri Katana, Nodachi, or Maul.

Aside from the weaknesses mentioned above, Ragetail is also vulnerable to the Ablaze, Frozen, and Entangled Ailments.

Since you will face this Kemono very early in the game, you might not be able to craft a weapon with a Fire Attribute at this point. Therefore, using any other weapon with a different Attribute is a viable option.

However, getting a weapon with Fire Attribute is ideal for farming Ragetail crafting materials later in the game.

Best Ragetail Combat Strategy

  1. After the Ragetail Kemono tries to tackle you, make sure to evade right on time and take advantage of this moment to hit it.
    • If you have dodged an attack successfully, the Kemono will be open for a few seconds, giving you enough chance to land some hits.
    • Additionally, if you are fast enough, you can build some Karakuri like Crates or even a Fusion Karakuri Pounder by combining several Springs to help you strike even more damaging moves.
  2. Aim for the head, as it is its softest part.
    • Despite the rest of this Kemono’s body having a rating of four out of five in softness, its head is rated a perfect five. This makes it the ideal spot to get some extra damage.
  3. Make sure to hit the Ragetail’s tail as often as possible to break it.
    • This Kemono makes its tail bigger and uses it to attack more when angered. Dodging it can be tricky at this stage. The sooner you break it by constantly attacking it, the better.
    • Also, chopping the Ragetail tail off will give you Ragetail Plum crafting material as a drop reward.
  4. Target the Kemono with R3 and keep your distance.
    • Ragetail has a swipe attack that can have a considerable range, especially when it still has its tail.
    • The best way to avoid it is to keep your distance and pay attention when it raises its front legs in the air, as this indicates this attack is coming next.
Ragetail Combat Wild Hearts

Ragetail Kemono Weaknesses & Resistances

  • Attribute – Wood
  • Attribute Resistances – Wood, Water, Earth, Wind
  • Attribute Weaknesses – Fire
  • Ailment Resistances – Poisoned, Fatigue
  • Ailment Weaknesses – Ablaze, Frozen, Entangled
  • Physical Resistances – Lunge
  • Physical Weaknesses – Slash, Pummel
Kemono AttributeAttribute Resistances*Attribute WeaknessesAilment ResistancesAilment WeaknessesPhysical ResistancesPhysical Weaknesses
WoodWood – ★★★
Water – ★★★
Earth – ★★★
Wind – ★★★
Fire – ★★★★Poisoned – ★
Fatigued – ★★★
Ablaze – ★★★★★
Frozen – ★★★★★
Entangled – ★★★★★
Lunge – ★★★Slash – ★★★★
Pummel – ★★★★
*The Star System scale in Wild Hearts considers 5 Stars very effective and 1 Star very ineffective. No Stars means complete immunity.

Ragetail Kemono Soft Parts

In Wild Hearts, Ragetail’s softest part is its head, with a 5 Star rating in softness. All the rest of its body has a 4 Star rating.

Front Legs★★★★
Hind Legs★★★★
*The Star System scale in Wild Hearts considers 5 Stars soft and 1 Star tough.
Ragetail Attributes and Weaknesses Wild Hearts

Ragetail Hunting Rewards


Crafting Materials Hunting RewardsHow to Obtain
Ragetail PlumBreak Tail
Ragetail PeltBreak Head
Ragetail FangDefeat / Break Head When Enraged
Ragetail ClawDefeat
Rare Ragetail PipDefeat
Young Warrior TeardropsDefeat
Young Warrior Kemono BloodDefeat
Small Plum Scent CrystalDefeat
In Wild Hearts, hunting rewards are randomized, so you might not get all the Ragetail rewards listed above in a single hunt.
Ragetail Hunting Rewards Wild Hearts


Crafting Materials Hunting RewardsHow to Obtain
Ripe Ragetail PlumBreak Tail
Ragetail PeltBreak Head
Hard Ragetail FangDefeat / Break Head When Enraged
Ragetail ClawDefeat
Ragetail WhiskersDefeat
Prized Ragetail PipDefeat
Red Plum TeardropsDefeat
Red Plum Kemono BloodDefeat
Large Spring Dust CrystalDefeat


The hunting rewards for the Volatile version of Ragetail will be added soon.

What is the Ragetail Kemono in Wild Hearts?

Ragetail is a rat-like Giant Kemono in Wild Hearts with a Wood Attribute located in the Harugasumi Way area of Azuma.

The game describes this Kemono as “a voracious eater, permanently hungry despite consuming vast amounts of food compared to its size.”

Additionally, the in-game description reveals that this Kemono will most likely ignore hunters if it is pursuing a meal. Nonetheless, if angered, it will abandon its prey to attack.

Ragetail Habitat in Wild Hearts

Ragetail’s habitat in Wild Hearts can be found in the Harugasumi Way area of Azuma.

Ragetail Habitat and Ecology Wild Hearts

Ragetail Calm & Enraged Forms in Wild Hearts

Ragetail has two forms during combat in Wild Hearts, calm and enraged.

Calm Form

This is Ragetails main form and the one you will face when you first encounter this Kemono. It is less aggressive and has slower, more predictable attacks.

Ragetail Calm Form Wild Hearts Kemono

Enraged Form

The Kemono will start its enraged phase and attack more aggressively as it receives damage from hunters. In this phase, Ragetail’s physical appearance changes, with red highlights on its fangs and tail.

Additionally, its speed and stamina considerably increase, making dodging and move prediction more challenging.

Ragetail Enraged Form Wild Hearts Kemono

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