When beginning your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team journey, players must decide between nine different nations when selecting their starter packs.

While these starter packs only contain low rated golds and a ton of bronze cards, they can hold much value as you build up your club.

So, let’s dive in and discuss which of these nations you should choose when loading up EA FC 24 Ultimate Team for the first time.

Which Starter Nation Should I Choose in EA FC 24?

Brazil is the best starter nation to select in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. Choosing Brazil is the best strategy due to the higher chance of gaining items that will be useful in SBCs.

This is because Brazilian players are scattered throughout the football world, potentially giving you players from different leagues. Advanced SBCs will require high-chemistry squads that contain players from various competitions.

The game offers players from a pool of over 25 different leagues when you select Brazil. Brazilian players in obscure or lower-ranked leagues will often inflate in price at the start of the game.

If you get all three gold items playing in other countries, you will save a ton of coins when completing SBCs.

Starter nation in EA FC 24

Additionally, Argentina is another excellent option for the same reason, but the pool of players and leagues is lower than Brazil.

If you are hoping to jump straight into EA FC 24 matches, choosing any other starter nation is ideal, as you will likely get players from the same league.

Nations such as England, Italy, Spain, and Germany have a large selection of players who play in their native countries. This will allow you to create a squad with the highest amount of chemistry at the beginning of the game.

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