Here are the top 10 best spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy that players can use to overcome any danger they may face.

  1. Treasure Hunter Set
  2. Beast Tamer Set
  3. Utility Set
  4. Catacomb Explorer Set
  5. Stealth Mage Set
  6. Troll Hunter Set
  7. Pest Control Set
  8. Bandit Camp Master Set
  9. Dark Mage Set
  10. Master Duelist Set

Equipping these spell combos will allow you to overcome your challenges in Hogwarts Legacy. But if you upgrade your Talents, you can create four spell combos to switch between quickly.

Treasure Hunter Spell Combo

Best for players looking to face the perils of the Treasure Vaults scattered around Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Spells:
    • Wingardium Leviosa + Incendio + Levioso + Glacius
Treasure Hunter Spell Combo

There are over 114 Treasure Vaults and 94 Merlin Trials that players need to complete in Hogwarts Legacy to achieve the highly coveted 100% completion.

Most of these require players to solve some puzzle or overcome an obstacle before obtaining the rewards. A lot of the time, you’ll need to move objects to solve the puzzles. This is why Wingardium Leviosa is always essential to have.

Sometimes you’ll also need the help of an elemental spell, usually, Incendio or Glacius, to help you trigger spell cubes or light braziers.

There are also hard-to-reach areas that players can use movable platforms to reach, but you’ll need Levioso to levitate them where they need to be.

Thankfully, searching for the Treasure Vaults won’t be difficult, thanks to our Treasure Vault location and solution guide.

Beast Tamer Spell Combo

Best for players looking to capture Magical Beasts to obtain materials and upgrade gear.

  • Spells:
    • In World Map -> Wingardium Leviosa + Disillusionment + Arresto Momentum+ Nab-sack
    • In Vivarium -> Beast Petting Brush + Beast Feed + Conjuring Spell
Hogwarts Legacy Beast Tamer Spell Combo

The Beast Tamer spell combo is perfect for any player looking to add magical beasts to their Vivarium. The Vivarium is where players can store magical beasts and tame them to obtain materials to upgrade their gear.

Use Disillusionment to approach the beast’s den without being noticed.

Casting Wingardium Leviosa will levitate the beast and render them motionless in the wild. Use the Nab-sack immediately to go through the prompts and capture the beast.

These two alone are enough to capture most beasts, but some larger ones may require an extra spell which is where Arresto Momentum comes in.

Once in the Vivarium, you’ll need your Beast Petting Brush and Beast Feed to keep all your magical beasts happy and producing materials to use.

Utility Spell Combo

Great to have as one of your spell combos to help you navigate any puzzles you may encounter.

  • Spells: Disillusionment + Reparo + Wingardium Leviosa + Lumos
Hogwarts Legacy Utility Spell Combo

The Utility Spells on your wheel spell are always a smart choice. Every quest will require players to use at least one of these Utility Spells to progress through different parts of the quest.

Once you unlock Wingardium Leviosa, you’ll need this spell. Plenty of items require you to move around to progress through different parts.

Disillusionment is always great because you’ll undoubtedly run into enemies, and with this spell, you can use stealth to take a few of them down before fully engaging.

Catacomb Explorer Spell Combo

Best for fighting off spiders and Inferius inside of catacombs.

  • Spells: Incendio + Confringo + Accio + Levioso
Catacomb Explorer Spell Combo

The Catacomb Explorer spell combo is excellent for exploring the different catacombs and dungeons around Hogwarts Legacy. These catacombs are usually riddled with inferius and spiders, two enemies that are weak to fire.

This is why having both Incendio and Confringo at your disposal can make these sections a breeze. Accio is great for bringing enemies near you to cast Incendio easily.

Levioso also helps leave these enemies motionless, which allows you to get a few extra hits.

Stealth Mage Spell Combo

This spell combo is perfect for starting encounters with many enemies. It allows you to silently take down most of them without using your resources.

  • Spells: Expelliarmus + Disillusionment + Arresto Momentum+ Accio
Stealth Mage Combo Hogwarts Legacy

The Stealth Mage spell combo is about hiding your presence and making the most of Petrificus Totalus. Cast Disillusionment to hide from enemies and slowly sneak behind them to use Petrificus Totalus.

If an enemy begins to spot you, use Arresto Momentum to stop them and quickly run behind them to use Petrificus Totalus.

Expelliarmus allows you to disarm any enemy that may spot you so that you can quickly take care of them with Accio and some Ancient Magic Throw.

Troll Hunter Spell Combo

This spell combo is perfect for removing large enemies in Hogwarts Legacy, including Trolls.

  • Spells: Bombarda + Glacius + Confringo + Diffindo
Hogwarts Legacy Troll Hunter Spell Combo

The Troll Hunter spell combo is perfect for taking down trolls and any large enemies found in Hogwarts Legacy. This spell combo focuses on damage output since most large enemies are immune to most Control and Force spells.

Bombarda and Confringo are your two powerhouse spells here. You’ll want to pair up these spells with Diffindo and then use Glacius to give your spells enough time for spells to cool down.

It also helps build up your Ancient Magic Meter, which is the most powerful attack you can use against these large enemies.

Players can also increase the amount of Ancient Magic charges they hold by finding Ancient Magic Hotspots.

Pest Control Spell Combo

Perfect for taking into any caves riddled with Mongrels or Spiders.

  • Spells: Transformation + Depulso + Accio + Incendio
Hogwarts Legacy Pest Control

Many small enemies in Hogwarts Legacy are annoying due to their size and quick attacks. Thankfully, a combination of Accio + Incendio and Transformation + Depulso can quickly deal with them.

When surrounded by large groups of spiders or mongrels, use Accio and Incendio to dispose of them quickly. Upgrading Incendio is helpful since it increases the AOE of the attack.

If an enemy gives you a hard time, casting Transformation will turn them into a small object, you can then use Depulso to make it shatter.

Bandit Camp Master Spell Combo

This spell combo is perfect for taking down bandit camps or Ashwinder Hideouts in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Spells: Expelliarmus + Glacius + Depulso + Diffindo
Bandit Camp Master Spell Combo

One of the most important aspects of the Bandit Camp Master spell combo is that it has a spell from each damage group to remove any shields bandits may use.

Expelliarmus and Glacius will help you immobilize enemies and perform better crowd control. Cast Depulso on a frozen enemy to launch them and possibly cause them to shatter.

Glacius also works excellently with Diffindo since it slashes frozen enemies and instantly kills them.

With these spells, you can create great combos and keep your Ancient Magic Meter growing in case any strong or Infamous Foe shows up.

Dark Mage Spell Combo

For those not afraid of the Dark Arts, this spell combo makes defeating enemies a breeze. But it can affect your relationship with some of your companions.

  • Spells: Crucio + Avada Kedavra + Confringo + Arresto Momentum
Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Spell Combo

This is perhaps the most potent spell combo in Hogwarts Legacy, but it didn’t make first place since not everyone wants to use the Dark Arts.

This combo is so powerful because of the Dark Arts talents players can learn. With Crucio, players can upgrade it so that with each following basic cast to the enemy, they send out curses to other enemies.

Avada Kedavra has an upgrade that eliminates all cursed enemies when cast on an enemy. Arresto Momentum and Confringo also apply the curse effect to enemies.

This means you can clear out an entire room of enemies with just one spell. It’s a very powerful combination, but using it near other students could harm your relationship with them.

Master Duelist Spell Combo

This is the best spell combo you can use in Hogwarts Legacy for any encounter.

  • Spells: Expelliarmus + Descendo + Glacius + Diffindo
Hogwarts Legacy Master Duelist Spell Combo

This spell combo is powerful against Infamous Foes and any enemy you may encounter in Hogwarts Legacy.

To start it off, cast Expelliarmus to disarm an enemy, then slam them to the ground with Descendo. Before they touch the ground, cast Glacius and then shatter them with Diffindo.

This is powerful enough to defeat bosses without breaking a sweat, which is why it’s the best spell combo in Hogwarts Legacy.