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Best Sniper Rifle Loadouts in Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded

The best sniper rifles to use in Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded are:

  1. MCPR-300
  2. SP-X 80
  3. Signal 50

These all have great bullet velocity, range, and accuracy, which makes them perfect for getting kills over very long distances in Al Mazrah.

We’ve included the meta builds for all of these sniper rifles below, so you know what attachments to equip to each.

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Warzone 2 Players in Ghillie suits

3. MCPR-300

This MCPR-300 has the highest bullet velocity out of all of the sniper rifles and is the best choice for players who like to keep their distance and wait for the perfect shot.

This is the best MCPR-300 build for Warzone 2:

  • Muzzle: FTAC Reaper
  • Barrel: 22″ OMX-456
  • Laser: Corio LAZ-44 V3
  • Ammunition: .300 Mag High Velocity
  • Bolt: Cronen Smooth Bolt
Best MCPR-300 Loadout Warzone 2 S1R

2. SP-X 80

The SP-X 80 is a great sniper rifle for Warzone 2. It may not fire quite as fast as the Signal 50, but it has much faster ADS speed and mobility, making it a great choice for quick scoping and aggressive sniping.

Here’s the best SP-X 80 loadout in Warzone 2:

  • Muzzle: FTAC Reaper
  • Laser: Corio LAZ-44 V3
  • Stock: Max DMR Precision
  • Ammunition: .300 High Velocity
  • Bolt: FSS ST87 Bolt

To take your sniping to the next level, find out the best SP-X 80 weapon tuning for Warzone 2!

Best SP-X 80 Loadout Warzone S1R

1. Signal-50

The Signal 50 is the fastest-firing sniper rifle in Warzone 2, making it devastating if you can land two shots in quick succession.

We recommend using this Signal 50 loadout to boost its bullet velocity and quicken the ADS speed:

  • Muzzle: Bruen Counter-Ops 
  • Barrel: 29″ TV Kilo-50 
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V 
  • Optic: Cronen Zero-P Optic 
  • Ammunition: .50 Cal High Velocity 

Check out our Warzone 2 Signal 50 loadout guide to find out the meta weapon tuning and more for this sniper rifle!

Best Signal 50 Loadout Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded

Of course, you’ll want another gun to use alongside your sniper rifle. These are the best sniper support loadouts in Warzone 2 right now:

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