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Best ‘SMG’ Type 63 Loadout in Warzone Has Insane TTK

The Type 63 is a Tactical Rifle, yet players have been using this weapon up close, thanks to an insanely fast TTK – check out this ‘SMG’ Type 63 Warzone loadout below.

The Type 63 is one of the least popular weapons in Warzone. Designed to be a long-range Tactical Rifle, players will almost always prefer to pick a fully-automatic Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle because it is way too inaccurate at long ranges.

However, Warzone players have now found a new way to use this gun, and to devastating effect. Check out the best Type 63 ‘SMG’ loadout in Warzone.

But first, check out the top meta loadouts in Warzone Season 5.


Best Close Range Weapon in Warzone?

Many players pick an SMG as their close-range weapon in Warzone, with most choosing this meta Bullfrog loadout as the best Season 5 SMG.

However, a small group of players love using the Type 63 as a short-range gun in Warzone, and for good reason. It’s too inaccurate for long-range fights but still kills very quickly.

According to JGOD, the Type 63 ‘SMG’ loadout has a blisteringly quick TTK of just 430ms. This is faster than any SMG in the game, including the stealth buffed Modern Warfare MP5 loadout, which is why players are choosing to use this Tactical Rifle instead.

The key to getting this insanely fast TTK is using the 16.4″ Titanium Barrel because it increases the Type 63’s fire rate.

Of course, TTK isn’t the most important weapon statistic in Warzone. Therefore, we will also need some more attachments to increase the gun’s movement speed to let it compete with SMGs.

type 63 Black Ops Cold War(1)

Best ‘SMG’ Type 63 Loadout in Warzone

JGOD recommends 4 different close range Type 63 loadouts. This one is our favorite:

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  • Muzzle – GRU Silencer
  • Barrel – 16.4″ Titanium
  • Laser – Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock – KGB Pad
  • Rear Grip – GRU Elastic Wrap

You’ll want to pair this Type 63 loadout with one of the best meta Assault Rifles in Warzone. Our pick would be this zero recoil Krig 6 build that is the most popular weapon in Warzone Season 5.

Meanwhile, Warzone is getting a new Judge Dredd Operator soon. What’s more, the upcoming Warzone Halloween event has been leaked.

Also, a new WW2 Warzone map with improved anti-cheat is coming soon. This is just what the game needs!

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