If you like to get up close and personal in MW3 Multiplayer, you’ll want to have an SMG in your loadout. However, with so many options, it can be hard to pick which one to use.

That’s why we’ve got a full breakdown of all of the best SMGs you need to try in Modern Warfare 3, alongside their meta attachments and builds.

The top 3 SMGs to use in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer are:

  1. Striker
  2. Rival-9
  3. WSP Swarm

All of these close-range guns excel in close-quarters combat as they kill quickly and allow you to be very mobile, thanks to their fast ADS speed and handling.

3. Striker

The Striker (not be be confused with the Striker 9) is the first SMG you unlock in MW3. However, but doesn’t stop it from being one of the best.

It has great damage, easy-to-control recoil, and good mobility, even if the fire rate isn’t that fast compared to other SMGs.

AttachmentHow to Unlock
Striker Recon Long Barrel (Barrel)Striker Level 9
MK. 3 Reflector (Optic)MTZ-556 Level 2
Lachmann MK2 Light Stock (Stock)Striker Level 10
Chewk Angled Grip (Underbarrel)Longbow Level 11
Sakin ZX Grip (Rear Grip)Striker Level 20
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Best Striker Loadout MW3

2. Rival-9

The Rival-9 is a very powerful SMG in MW3 Multiplayer. This is thanks to its very fast fire rate, which gives it an excellent time-to-kill.

Besides that, it has good range and recoil control, making it an easy-to-use gun that is very effective in close and mid-range combat.

AttachmentHow to Unlock
Monolithic Suppressor S (Muzzle)Rival-9 Level 7
Rival 38-E Fire Starter Barrel (Barrel)Rival-9 Level 16
MK. 3 Reflector (Optic)MTZ-556 Level 2
Chewk Angled Grip (Underbarrel)Longbow Level 11
Rival Vice Assault Grip (Rear Grip)MTZ-762 Level 6
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Best Rival-9 Loadout in MW3

1. WSP Swarm

The WSP Swarm is the best SMG to use in your MW3 loadout, as it allows you to move around the map extremely quicker and kills even faster. In fact, it has the fastest TTK of any SMG in the game!

All you need is a couple of attachments to reduce its recoil, and you have a close-range powerhouse.

AttachmentHow to Unlock
WSP Infiltrator Integrated Suppressor (Barrel)WSP Swarm Level 22
MK. 3 Reflector (Optic)MTZ-556 Level 2
FSS Fortress Heavy Stock (Stock)WSP Swarm Level 3
Lockgrip Precision-40 (Underbarrel)MCW Level 6
Marauder Grip (Rear Grip)WSP-9 Level 16
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Best WSP Swarm Loadout in MW3

Now that you know the best SMG loadouts in MW3, you should give all three of them a try. Hopefully, they help you reach the top of the scoreboard!

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