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Best Shotgun in Warzone Season 2 – JAK-12, Streetsweeper & Gallo SA12

Shotguns could be the new meta soon. So get ahead of the curve and find out the best shotgun to use in Warzone Season 2.

Shotguns are probably the most overlooked weapon class in Warzone. Their firepower up close is near unbeatable, yet nobody uses them.

Yes, they are only effective at very short ranges, but they are by far the best gun to use for aggressive play styles. Players who enjoy pushing buildings should definitely find out the best shotguns to use in Warzone Season 2.

JAK-12 Warzone

Shotgun Meta Coming Soon?

In his latest YouTube video, weapons tester JGOD gave his opinion on the top shotguns in Warzone.

He also recently revealed what the best LMG in Warzone was too.

For his testing, JGOD measured the stats of the best shotguns in the game – the JAK-12, Streetsweeper, and Gallo SA12. This is because he believes that once the totally overpowered FFAR is nerfed, this will bring in a new shotgun meta.

However, one of these shotguns is not really worth using. While the Gallo might be one of the best weapons for Zombies, it isn’t quite good enough to compete in Warzone.

All of these shotguns have similar time-to-kill. However, the Gallo‘s semi-automatic firing makes it less reliable than the other two, despite it having better range.

Gallo SA12 Cold War Warzone

Best Shotgun in Warzone Season 2

Therefore, it’s a choice between the JAK-12 and Streetsweeper for the best shotgun in Warzone Season 2. You’ll want to pair either of these with the most overpowered AUG loadout in Warzone, to cover the mid to long-range gunfights

JGOD prefers the JAK-12 as it has the best hipfire spread as well as a much fastest sprint to fire time, compared to the others. This makes it the best all-around shotgun in Warzone.

However, the Streetsweeper is also a very good option for more aggressive players. This is because it has better mobility and faster movement speed.

Even if the JAK-12 might be the best overall, why not try out both and see which one you prefer? Alternatively, you could try JGOD’s best MAC-10 loadout for Warzone Season 2, if you want to shred through enemies.

JGOD YouTube

Players looking for the best shotgun in Warzone might also want to find out the best loadout for Warzone Season 2 here. You’ll destroy the competition using this.

Meanwhile, Warzone players have a new map to look forward to. The new Warzone map could also come with an increased player count and more points of interest, according to this leak.

Players can also check out the first image of the new Warzone map here.

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