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Best Shotgun Class (Loadouts & Attachments) in Black Ops Cold War

Using the right attachments to make the best shotgun class can give you level versatility unparalleled to anything else in multiplayer.

Switching to your sidearm is always faster than reloading, so why take a pistol when you can have a 12 gauge? The Black Ops series has been notorious for having very powerful shotguns in its arsenal of weapons. 

Yet, for the first time, you can now take a shotgun with you. Fully loaded up with 5 attachments at no extra cost of a class point or a perks slot. 

Best Shotgun Class Gallo SA 12

Here are the best shotgun classes in Black Ops Cold War! 

Since the Alpha, shotguns have dominated the "freak out / out ammo" firefights of Black Ops Cold War. No other secondaries hold a candle to the Gallo SA 12 or the Hauer 77.

The Gallo SA 12 with its semi-automatic, fast fire rate, and 7 rounds in its mag/tube. Putting dinner plate size holes into your enemy has never been easier.

We have 4 loadouts for you, all 4 serving very different purposes.

Best Gallo SA 12 Classes

2. The "Off-Hand" (Best Shotgun Class For The Gallo SA 12 as a Secondary)

  • Muzzle: Agency Choke
  • Barrel: 21.4'' Reinforced Heavy
  • Body: Swat 5mw Laser Sight
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: Wire Stock 

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This set up is all about fast reflexes and using the Gallo SA 12 during those high intense moments where you have no other choice but to go full close quarters combat on the enemy.

We made this loadout to function as the best secondary possible. 

Starting with the 21.4" Reinforced heavy Barrel giving us the maximum fire rate boost of any barrel, at 16%. Letting us unload as many shots as quickly as possible until the enemy sees the kill-cam.

The 21.4" Reinforced Heavy Barrel will also increase our effective damage range by 12%, letting us deal with multiple threats at various ranges within our immediate area of operations. 

However, this barrel does come with some heavy downsides. 

A massive decrease in spriting move speed and a massive hit to our aim walking speed, but this class is designed to defend and hold our ground. Nothing we got to worry too much about 

Next, we have the Airborne Elastic Grip boasting a massive increase to our aim down sight time by 30%

On The other hand, reducing the screen effects and camera shakes whenever we get shot. These things are part of Black Ops Cold War new flinch mechanic.

To bring that sprint to fire speed back in line. We will be using the Wire stock, and even though there are better offerings to boost the sprint out time, like the No Stock attachments. 

They will all seriously decrease our hip-fire spread which is the last thing we want with his load out. Speaking of hip-fire, our next two attachments are aimed at just that.

First, the Swat 5mw Laser Sight increasing our hip-fire accuracy by 35% and only taking a minor aim down sight speed penalty of 8%. Bringing back the Airborne Elastic Wrap mentioned before means we are still positive when bringing the gun up. 

For our last attachment, the Agency Choke.

Not only will the Agency Choke conceal our muzzle flash and keep us off the radar it will also make us deadly accurate. 

This increases our hip-fire spread by yet another 10%, and if we decide to aim down sight, it will tighten up our pellet spread by a whopping 55%. Again our sprint to fire speed will suffer, and our effective damage range takes a massive hit of 17%.

We have made a Gallo SA 12 loadout with maximum hip-fire accuracy and max fire rate with every other attachment supporting those two traits.

What about if you want to take the Gallo SA 12 as your +1 to the battlefield.

1. The "Intruder" (Best Shotgun Class For The Gallo SA 12 as a Primary)

  • Optic: Quickdot LED
  • Muzzle: Infantry Choke
  • Barrel: 24.6'" Ranger barrel 
  • Body: Swat 5mw Laser sight 
  • Magazine: Stanag 12 RND tube
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: Duster Stock 

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The Best Shotgun Class For The Gallo SA 12

This loadout is designed to take the Gallo SA 12 into the area of operations as primary. Making it a versatile accurate, and agile machine.

Starting with the Quick Dot LED. The Gallo SA 12's iron sight can be a bit obstructive in terms of peripherals vision. Blocking your view from incoming enemies at your flank.

The Quick Dot LED will fix that problem allowing for more visibility and a level of precision only a red dot sight can afford. 

Now let's talk range. 

The Gallo SA 12's range is abysmal at best. Yet the 24.6'" Ranger Barrel can help you stretch out that range by 30%. There's only one little problem. The maximum damage range doesn't matter if we can hit our shots! 

We are going to be going loud and proud on this one with the Infantry V Choke. 

The Infantry V Choke will offer the tightest aim down sight pellet spread possible, pretty much turning the buckshot into slugs with it's it a massive boost of 77%.

Since this shotgun class is designed for range and using it while aim down sight.

The Airborne Elastic Wrap handle from our previous loadout will speed up our aim down sight time as much as possible for fast target acquisition.

For our last attachment, the Stanag 12 RND Tube is keeping us stocked with ammo with its 71% increase in ammo capacity and starting ammo. Now we can sort multiple enemies without the need to reload. 

After a couple of hours of playing Black Ops Cold War, you start to realize that the Gallos SA 12 plays better as a secondary rather than a primary weapon. However, this would not be the best shotgun class guide without presenting you with all the facts.

Best Hauer 77 Classes

Nothing, and we mean nothing beats a good old pump-action... just ask the enemy.

Best Shotgun Class For Hauer 77

The Hauer 77 is a hard-hitting, robust shotgun when compared directly to the Gallo SA 12; it packs a stronger punch at the cost of fire rate. 

They both satisfy two specific play styles.

The Hauer 77 does give our previous entries a run for its money.

When it comes down to it, both shotguns do a very different thing and excel in very different situations. 

We are gonna reverse it this time, giving you our Hauer 77 best Shotgun class setup as primary, first.

2. The "Bandolero" (Best Shotgun Class For Hauer 77 as a Primary)

  • Muzzle: Agency choke
  • Barrel: 24.1'' Ranger Barrel 
  • Magazine: Stanag 8 RND Tube
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap 
  • Stock: No Stock

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The Best Shotgun Class For Hauer 77 As A Primary

When it comes to the best shotgun class set up for Hauer 77, it is all about accuracy and precision. 

Starting off with the Agency Choke, suppressing the weapon and keeping us off the radar.

The Agency Choke does give us the best of both worlds when it comes to accuracy. With its minor boost to our hip-fire accuracy for those no-brain moments. Then a boost of 70% to our aim down sight spread. 

The sprint to fire time takes a big hit by 15%, and we do lose some a substantial amount of effective damage range.

Those two stats that we took hits on is what we are going to focus on next.

Starting with The 24.1 Ranger Barrel, which is the best way to boost the Hauer 77 up to its maximum effective damage range. By a massive 30% boost.

Next is the Airborne Elastic Wrap offering yet another boost to our aim down sight time, bringing it down from 250 ms down to lighting fast 175 ms.

At the expense of a 10% hit to our staffing speed and yet another 15% to our sprint out.

For our last attachment, we will be doing the No Stock attachments, offering the biggest printout boost of any weapon in Black Ops Cold War. By 40%, bringing down our sprint out time back to its base value. 

What about those of you who have no respect for personal space? 

Don't worry; we didn't forget about you.

Using the Hauer 77 as a secondary can yield impressive results, especially if you use our best shotgun class for this weapon as your secondary. 

1. The "Old Reliable" (Best Hauer 77 Shotgun Class For Close Quarters)

This class is all about turning the table on the enemy who thinks they've got you on the back peddle. 

This is a one and done deal, meaning that you won't have the time to get another shot off in most scenarios.

  • Muzzle: Infantry V Choke 
  • Barrel: 25.2'' Task force barrel 
  • Body: Swat 5mw Laser sight 
  • Magazine: Stanag 8 RND Tube 
  • Stock: Duster Stock 

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 (The Best Huer 77 Shotgun Class For CQB)

This loadout is about putting an end to your enemies' resolve within arms distance.

Starting off this setup is the Duckbill Choke increasing the spread of the Hauer 77 by 50%; this is usually something we don't want in a shotgun. 

That wider spread makes it so that we always hit our target and, at the very least, keep them at bay until we rack another shell from the tube. 

Next up is the 25.2 Task Force Barrel, decreasing our range by 13%. This goes hand and hand with our Duckbill choke as extending range doesn't matter if the pellets are spread out too thin. 

This barrel is good for a whopping 45% boost to our damage taking the Hauer 77 from a damage profile 159 all the way up to 231!

Unlike last year's Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War base health is set 150 points for those of you who don't know. Yet the base Hauer 77 does 159 damage.

However, the point of boosting the damage is that we can still secure a one-shot kill even within the second damage value.

If we are honest, a 50% boost to the pellet spread is a bit too much, but our Swat 5mw Laser sight will help keep them contained during hip-fire.

Maintaining just the right level of accuracy. 

For our fourth attachment, we are going to be using the Stanag 8 RND Tube, allowing us to turn to this weapon when we need it most without the worry of having to reload it... ever. 

For our last and final attachment, the Duster Stock boosts our slide by 5%.

The Duster Stock will let us close the gap when we need it most. 

It will allow us to slide into cover when overwhelmed, buying us some much needed time to rack that next shot into the chamber.  


There you have it, the best shotgun classes and loadouts with expert analysis for Black Ops Cold War.

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