Shipment is a popular map in MW2 known for its small size and fast-paced gameplay, and to succeed on this map, players must choose their loadout wisely.

SMGs are popular due to their high mobility and damage output in close-quarters combat. The Minibak is a powerful weapon among SMGs due to its large magazine capacity.

Here is the best Minibak loadout in MW2 that will get you close to the top of the leaderboard on Shipment.

Best Weapon to Use in MW2 Shipment

One of the best weapons to use in Modern Warfare 2 Shipment is the Minibak. This is because it offers a large magazine capacity and quick movement speed.

Large magazine size is especially important on Shipment as gunfights are constant, leaving little time for the player to reload.

Here are the best attachments and tuning to use on this SMG:

AttachmentTuningHow to Unlock
FTAC Castle Comp+0.31 ↑
+0.16 →
Icarus 556 Level 10
FSS OLE-V Laser-0.13 ↓
-36.19 ←
 EBR-14 Level 10
Otrezat Stock-2.32 ↓
+0.85 →
Vaznev-9K Level 5
Minibak Grip MagN/AMinbak Level 13
Demo-X2 Grip-0.29 ↓
-0.36 ←
RPK Level 18

Running this weapon on Shipment is also a fantastic way to collect trophies for the ongoing trophy hunt event!

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Minibak MW2 Best Shipment Loadout

Best Perks to Use on MW2 Shipment

The best perks to use in MW2 Shipment are:

  • Battle Hardened
  • Bomb Squad
  • Fast Hands
  • Quick Fix
Best Shipment perks

Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad are helpful as players throw explosives, stuns, and flash grenades throughout the match.

While Fast Hands will let you reload quicker, Quick Fix enables you to regenerate your health faster. This combination of perks will help you stay alive longer.

Best Lethal & Tactical to Use on Shipment

The best lethal to use on Shipment is the Drill Charge. On this map, there are quite a few spots for players to cover behind, and this lethal can burrow into surfaces, killing those on the other side.

For your tactical grenade, we recommend using a Flash or Stun. This will allow you to easily blind and impair your opponents, getting easy kills.

Best Field Upgrade to Use on Shipment

The best Field Upgrade to use on Shipment is the Trophy System. This is because tons of projectiles get thrown throughout the game.

Planting a Trophy System can keep you alive by blocking stun and flash grenades, letting you keep full vision and movement.

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